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Trump never should have signed the terrible, awful, no good GOP spending bill

H.R. 1625 – the omnibus bill – is an awful piece of legislation that was rushed through in the dark of night by GOP leadership and it upsets me greatly that President Trump signed it.

“It’s the very thing that we belittled Nancy Pelosi [D-CA] over, when she said ‘we have to pass the bill to see what’s in it,’ ” Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) said. “You have a 2,200-page bill … and you got 24 hours, maybe 36 — it’s just, it’s insane. It’s no way to govern.”

The president said that military funding, critical to national security, was the reason he decided to sign the bill. The 2,000+ page monstrosity contains an epic amount of garbage and could not have been read by members of Congress or the administration. Members of the House were given about 17 hours to read the measure – that would have required them to read more than 100 pages per hour just get through it – understanding and contemplating the consequences of the contents would logically have taken longer.

“I’ve learned to be a quick reader in this job, but the anticipated time frame of less than a day simply is too short for me to read this omnibus in its entirety,” Rep. Morgan Griffith (R-VA) said in a statement Thursday.

The bill contains a wish list for progressives and does almost nothing to further the conservative agenda. Chuck and Nancy are holding the funding measure up as a total success while the president is forced to make excuses for having signed it.

“At the end of the day, as the minority party, we feel good about being able to succeed in so many ways,” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said. “We don’t have the House, we don’t have the Senate, we don’t have the presidency, but we produced a darn good bill for the priorities we have believed in.”

The bill contains a provision preventing any of the border security funding from going to the border wall. Only inadequate fences and levies can be constructed – that hasn’t worked up to now and it won’t work in the future. Democrats can say they gave Trump money for the southern border, but the president can’t use it to build the wall. It also contains taxpayer dollars for Planned Parenthood and a bridge between New York and New Jersey … of course the left is happy.

“There are a lot of things that we shouldn’t have had in this bill, but we were, in a sense, forced — if we want to build our military — we were forced to have,” the president said during a signing event Friday. “There are some things that we should have in the bill.”

Some in Congress have expressed displeasure with the bill citing the massive deficits the measure will likely produce.

“It just boggles my mind that we continue to spend at a level that’s no different than the last three or four years of the Obama administration,” said Rep. Mark Walker (R-N.C.), chairman of the conservative Republican Study Committee caucus.

He said the GOP looked “hypocritical” and “disingenuous.”

Estimates predict that deficits could exceed $1 trillion as soon as next year given the new spending hikes and the GOP tax-cut bill approved last year.

Annual debt interest payments alone could rise to $1 trillion within the decade.

And the latest damage to the nation’s fiscal health has been done with Republicans in charge at both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue.

President Trump sounds as though he had no choice but to sign this awful thing into law, but he, and Congressional Republicans did have choices.

The president should have vetoed the bill and forced Congress into an emergency session over the weekend to craft a responsible funding measure. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell should have suspended the 60-vote threshold on appropriations measures and passed a fiscally-sound, conservative-based funding measure using a simple majority. But, no one has ever accused McConnell of fighting for conservative principles – or any principles for that matter.

If Republicans wonder why their base stayed home in the 2018 midterm elections, here’s your sign.

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Rich Mitchell

Rich Mitchell is the editor-in-chief of Conservative Daily News and the president of Bald Eagle Media, LLC. His posts may contain opinions that are his own and are not necessarily shared by Bald Eagle Media, CDN, staff or .. much of anyone else. Find him on twitter, facebook and

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  1. Letter to the President

    The VERY last thing I want government to do is “take care of me”, Mr. Trump;

    You traded away the lives of another 100,000 plus unborn American Citizens to build the military. (You claim it is your job to protect American Citizens! WRONG! It is your job to protect the UNALIENABLE RIGHTS of American Citizens – that include LIFE, LIBERTY, and the PURSUIT of happiness. Tell that to the 61 million Americans who were never born because of an unconstitutional LAW created by the Supreme Court!)

    You traded away more of our children’s wealth to build our military!

    You traded away the fight against Communism and supported a GRAND BANQUET of SOCIALIST programs – to build our military.

    You signed a bill that FUNDAMENTALLY VIOLATES the 2nd Amendment AND the 5th Amendment (DUE PROCESS) to build our Military.

    THE ONLY PERPETUAL MILITARY THE CONSTITUTION AUTHORIZES IS THE NAVY!!! (There is no authority to create and maintain ANY national police force EITHER!)

    Maybe you just don’t understand what made America Great in the FIRST place. It wasn’t our military and it CERTAINLY wasn’t big Government!! It wasn’t even FREEDOM, Mr. Trump!!!


    You’ve made a huge mistake! You’ve thrown a bunch of boulders in your path to MAKE America Great AGAIN!


    I will not obey your Unconstitutional Laws… I will buy and sell guns as I like, at my pleasure, and I will NOT ask your permission to do it!

  2. You’re right !! This ‘bill’ is more than awful!….BUT when you have military families on food stamps and going into combat with worn out equipment to face an enemy that is hell bent on killing you….finally…getting being ‘just a little’ more than the able-bodied welfare recipient or refugee….How could he not sign it??

    While this bill is only for six months (Sep) and will again be a hot topic just before mid-terms, (perhaps) there can be a DACCA solution that includes the chain migration???? and more funding for THE wall. Of course this depends on the GOP messaging.

    Speaking of mid-terms and the wall…..IF all of the bench warmers don’t stop complaining and get in the game Pelosi may be Bidden’s VP……..We must ‘choose’ our candidates and then ACTIVELY, LOUDLY SUPPORT THEM…clear out the dead brush with a controlled burn….Time for Americans (the real ones) to show their stuff!!!

    1. Jan, I attempted to send this letter to the President but apparently the site I used
      ( https://whitehouse.org/contact/ ) is a fake and the immediate canned response was highly offensive. The liars and haters have no bounds.

      I have people who are in the military and know that they are sorely under supported. I was in the military long ago and received a pittance for my service yet there were benefits I earned that are now paying off. I am not unfeeling for these families.

      In truth I am Pro military to the extent that the Constitution allows. There is much more Socialism that ought to be summarily cut from our budget. Fully 80% of the government is unconstitutional. What would 20% of 1.3 Trillion dollars be? What ever it is, with prudence, that should be our budget! The reason I focused on the military is because that was the reason DJT gave for signing it. A stronger military is not a reason to trade off to “support” Planned Parenthood! What is one unborn child’s life worth?! What is the sake of our nation under the holocaust of such an enormous amount of innocent blood worth? The 6th Commandment litterally translater “You shall not murder the INNOCENT”! NO amount of military will save America from the WRATH that shall vendicate those lives and the only reason we stand today – at all – is because there are more than 10 Righteous people in our society…

      Nor is a stronger military a reason to infringe upon our Unalienable rights to Due Process and to bear armes to preserve a free State (among many other reasons)!

      The Constitution gives authority to the Federal government to build and maintain infrastructure that, arguably, there is support for bridges and tunnels particularly across State lines. AND! It is certainly the Duty of the Federal government to protect our borders from foreign invasion – organized or otherwise!

      I’m not one of the bench warmers; just for the record. I serve on a Republican Central Committee and help raise funds to elect good officials – I also constantly talk to my Representives and Senators (State and Fed.) and I sign as many petitions for life and freedom as I am offered. I seek and tell the Truth – not my truth! THE Truth – that which is greater than myself. Sometimes the Truth is a HARSH master – it is still the TRUTH!

      1. Derrell. When I started my comment yours had not yet been posted. It was a’general’ comment. So certainly wasn’t directed to you. Let’s face it….there is an abundance of those that ‘just complain’ and have only suggestions/instructions for the players on the field.

        I’m a letter writer as well. Yes the responses are more often than not ‘form letters’ But even so, the nature of responses are counted and can tip the scale to your particular issue. I’ve gotten a number of direct answers. The one from WH was a subject directed form. (i’ll look up that address for you)

        Keep up your good efforts, we need every Christian Conservative to win the fight against the ‘robotic parrots’ of the left

      2. Derrell, …couldn’t find what I wanted, but try this one.


        Got this from my ‘1600’ ( daily outline from White House…Hope this helps…my vision is going, but think I got it.

  3. Never should have been signed. I thought for sure the Demagogues would not be able to bully the President. I was wrong. Its very distressful for me, and for this country! I still support our President, one bad decision doesn’t make him (President) inept! I certainly hope this kind of thing does not continue!

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