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Sheriffs from 40 states demand end to sanctuary cities

380 Sheriffs from 40 states around the nation sent a letter to members of Congress demanding action to secure the border and end sanctuary city policies.

“We’re calling on Congress to take action now, on the security issues at the border and against sanctuary policies in our states, cities and towns. These sanctuary policies directly undermine and limit cooperation and collaboration between local, state and federal law enforcement, making it harder for America’s sheriffs to protect our citizens and legal residents,” said Sheriff Hodgson.

Hodgson admonished California’s for its threat to prosecute law-abiding business owners if they cooperate with law enforcement to identify and remove lawbreakers.

“We cannot have law-abiding citizens threatened with criminal prosecution for cooperating with the very people who they trust to protect them,” the Sheriff said.

“Congress’ inaction undermines sheriffs’ ability to protect our citizens. Sheriffs across this country have signed this letter because Congress cannot continue to weaken our efforts to make our communities as safe as possible,” National Sheriffs’ Association Executive and CEO Jonathan Thompson said.

Confusing and obviously illegal sanctuary city policies have forced Immigrations and Customs Enforcement to conduct daylight raids to capture criminal aliens which puts officers and the public at increased risk.

“This not only puts our law enforcement at serious risk for danger, but further puts them in an untenable situation of violating our oath and promise to enforce the law,” the Sheriff’s said in their statement.

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  1. Wish my Sheriff, State of Ark would get onboard and be a leader on this issue as opposed to laid back watching which way the wind blows.

  2. This is why conservatives in california want a state if jefferson-taking a big chunk out of California and having its own state. California as it stands with the majority of radical lefties are destroying this great state and making it extremely dangerous to be a conservative. In some bay area cities-you would be physically assaulted if admitting to be one

  3. Texas is fortunate to have the leadership that backs Federal Law all the way that works WITH ICE and cracking down on sanctuary cities in a big way. Our AG is looking for a way to charge elected officials that condone ignoring or deliberly disobeying Federal Immigration……the voters back them

    California isn’t the only place, just the worst…There are eno

    there are still enough conservatives to launch a huge letter campaign and also work like heck to vote out the libs…it’s not easy but can be done

    Other States can do the same….start with State officials and work your way down. Start with a hamburger cook out with some of your friends and write letters…..and in turn ‘sign up’ some of them to hold the same kind of party with you all plus new guests….just keep repeating…..pot lucks are fun too

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