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Lord Of The Flies; When Bad Boys Act Up

Remember when President Barack Obama, on twenty-two separate occasions, clearly and specifically stated that he didn’t have the executive authority to grant amnesty to the millions of illegal aliens residing in America? And do you remember when President Obama promised, on thirty-six occasions, that Obamacare would allow families to keep their current plan, period; and it would permit families to keep their doctor, period; and it would save families at least $2500 per year on healthcare costs, period?

It’s a fact that the president of the United States promised these things to the citizens of this great nation, and it’s true that the man was, and is, a two-bit liar, but something else happened during the second Obama term that has never happened before in American politics, and it involves the direct about-face of Obama from claiming he couldn’t do certain radical, uncontitutional things, and then doing them anyway. Americans can be relieved that Obama and most other Democrats were certain that Hillary Clinton would win the election to succeed him, or he would probably still be in the White House pushing his radical agenda and assuring that his legacy was continued in perpetuity. With the certainty of a president Hillary in mind, Obama got lazy and held back a bit on his promise to Fundamentally Transform America, and held back on his most demented plans for our country, and allowed the uncertainty of politics to drift into the 2016 election and Hillary‘s defeat. But if the “something” that happened during the second Obama term is not recognized, discussed and admitted to, our nation may well cease to exist, because neither Obama nor his radical, violent, America-hating allies on the left are going away willingly.

Although we’ve always had leftists who have proposed getting rid of principles and rights listed in our constitution, things that have made America free and prosperous, there have always been some generally recognized restrictions on the part of America’s leftists that held them back and kept them from actually undermining our society and our union with their destructive, revolutionary plans.

But today we have seen more than a year of radical leftists, and even some traditional Democrat party members, acting-out in violent, revolutionary fashion, beginning with Obama’s opening of our southern border to all who want to enter, to the radical mayor of Oakland, California warning hundreds of violent, criminal aliens in her city to scatter because ICE was planning a raid to capture them. From the governor of California bragging of the new state law that prohibits California law enforcement personnel, under penalty specified in that law, from aiding ICE officers in any way in attempts to capture bad guys, to mayors of lesser American cities intentionally breaking federal law by protecting illegal aliens, under the banner of sanctuary, from the carrying out of the law. And it would be advisable to also recall the carefully chosen word “war” that the governor of California used in conjunction with the nation’s Attorney General’s visit to California recently, when Jeff Sessions criticized the mayor of Oakland for her own criminal act of warning criminals of the imminent visit by ICE officers.

For some reason the societal controls and limits that had been placed on leftist radicals via years of custom, vanished during the latter years of the Obama administration, and I don’t believe that the election of Donald Trump to the Oval Office was the sole cause, although it really messed up the plans of the Obama/Clinton worshipers. Rather I believe Trump’s election was the trigger that finally released the poised and locked firing pin of the ultra-radical Obama administration followers, and set them off.

Something similar occurred in Germany in the years immediately preceding World War II when German society, described in movies and stories about Berlin night clubs, dropped all pretense of civility, decency and self-control and became awash in pure filth and depravity. The distrust and sense of being imposed upon by a hostile world plotting against the post-WW I German people, and the confirmation of that oppressed feeling that the leader of Germany repeatedly expressed and reinforced via violent, hate-filled speeches, caused pent-up feelings to be released in a most untraditional, un-German way.

Similarly in the United States, we have seen years of increasingly violent computer games and movies pouring out of Hollywood, and we’ve watched as the self-identity fad of racial, cultural and sexual relativism have been foisted on us by radical leftists; we’ve been preached to of the wisdom of allowing men to enter Women’s restrooms where young girls may be present; we’ve been lied to about illegal aliens not being given welfare benefits; we’ve been lied to about illegal aliens not getting healthcare for free; we’ve been told that illegal aliens are entitled to full protection of the American constitution, including free legal representation to prevent their deportation from our borders; we’ve been lied to about illegal aliens not being able to vote in certain liberal cities; we’ve been informed of the selling of baby body parts following routine and often-performed abortions; we’ve heard mayors of sanctuary cities telling federal authorities they were not permitted to enter their cities in order to capture criminals, in violation of federal law; we’ve seen police officers assassinated, with the Black Lives Matters group calling for police killings in the streets of New York City, followed up by Barack Obama inviting them to the White House for a congratulatory chat for a job well done; we’ve seen the Obama Attorney General held in contempt of Congress for not turning over documents and not answering question that Congress wanted answers to following the murderous Fast and Furious scandal; we saw the refusal of a San Francisco jury to convict an illegal alien who had been deported multiple times, for the death of Kate Steinle, who was killed by the gun he was holding; we’ve seen the direct evidence of the Obama administration using the full investigative powers of the presidency to illegally spy on the Trump campaign in an attempt to assure Hillary’s election; we’ve seen FBI agents, supposedly impartially investigating both the Hillary email scandal and the Trump Russia/collusion fiction, lie and exchange messages expressing fear of a President Trump and attempting to assure the election of Hillary to the White House; we’ve seen the FBI, in conjunction with the Department of State, using documents created, bought and paid for by the Hillary campaign committee, used as unquestioned evidence by the FISA court, to get evidence on Trump so they could assure his electoral defeat, or impeach him if he were accidentally elected; we‘ve seen Hillary Clinton get a pass for an unsecured email server that allowed our nation‘s enemies to hack into her system and get classified documents; we‘ve seen evidence of Hillary passing highly classified emails to her pals who were not cleared for such national security evidence; we’ve seen Hillary lie, under oath, to FBI investigators, with no price being paid for such criminal behavior; and we have seen, for over a year, one Fake News story after another from the liberal, lying press about something that Trump did or did not do, then having to retract the lie, and then immediately lie again about Trump, time after time.

What the hell happened to this great nation during the second term of Barack Obama that has caused all of this illegal, unconstitutional, violent activity and all of this dangerous turmoil, and how do we rid our nation of the stench we‘re having to endure following Obama‘s exit?

Much of our current national troubles are reminiscent of the William Golding book, Lord Of The Flies, in which several young men cast all tradition and good behavior aside under a charismatic leader who encourages them to reject all that was proper and all that made England and Western society successful, and debase themselves in tyranny and violence when adults were no longer around to keep the young men in line. In America today one can see the adult figure, Donald Trump, insisting that our tradition, our laws and our constitution once again become our guide to proper behavior and composure, and the resentful, how-dare-you-preach-to-us, leftist, radical Democrats becoming violent and destructive when told to behave themselves and abide by the law.

Liberals who thought they were finally liberated to bring to fruition Obama’s Fundamental Transformation of America were brought up short by the election of Donald Trump and they are behaving just like the spoiled, corrupt boys in Lord Of The Flies by becoming violent and destructive in their political defeat and frustration.

The only hope our nation has is to assure that no more Democrats are elected to any office in the nation until a cooling-off period has re-acclimated them to the value of obeying the law, adhering to societal standards that have made America the most pleasant nation in which to live in the world, and behaving decently in civil society.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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