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Jim Carrey shares awful portrait, says Sarah Sanders “Monstrous” “so-called Christian”

Comedic actor Jim Carrey shared a portrait of an angry woman he painted and made disparaging references that appeared to reference White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

“This is the portrait of a so-called Christian whose only purpose in life is to lie for the wicked,” he tweeted. “Monstrous!”

Carrey doesn’t mention her by name but, his followers were quick to jump on hate parade by posting images and memes of Sanders.


This isn’t Carrey’s first shot against team Trump, in November he posted an even less artful doodle featuring Trump kissing Putin’s butt.

Carrey turned to painting and sculpting to get over a hurtful split with Jenny McCarthy in 2017. Some of his paintings have been shown in Museums but art critics have criticized his work as “crudely colored,” “lurish,” and “kitshch.”

He is an astonishingly bad painter and sculptor,” The Guardian concluded in a particularly scathing review published last year. “If his art helps and heals him, that’s great. He just should not be showing this stuff to anyone and expecting anything except derision. Crudely colored Jesus-like faces, lurish fluorescent portraits, random abstractions and kitshch clay figures – this is a joke. Please, say it’s a joke.”

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  1. It’s hard to know if Carrey is being hateful, ignorant, or, if he is trying to get attention by crying wolf to boost a sagging career. Tom Cruise jumped on a desk on TV to try and get some press and it worked. Carrey has gotten noticed. If that was the idea it has worked. It’s the Bart Simpson effect. To get noticed do something outrageous and disgusting.

  2. Carrey has a talent for being ridiculous. In proper context – on the screen – that works, because the intent is to make us laugh. Carrey, off screen, is STILL ridiculous – but entertaining; not so much. Carrey is another PROSTITUTE “actor” who plays for a living. He has gotten insanely stupid amounts of money for “acting”; each film a “one night stand” (< a couple of hours of entertainment per trick) for us to be able to laugh at him. He PLAYS for a living!….

    Somehow, that makes him an expert on the difference between good and evil? Are we all obliged to listen to him just because we know who he is?

    Like all, All, ALL leftist communists, Carrey is a coward!!! Every time some result of the demoralization of society – directly the result of leftist evil subversion – they cry for government to "save us"!! It is NEVER the progressive socialist's responsibility to take care of himself – only to enjoy life at every whim. It is EVIL (thru their perception that personal responsibility is a right wing lie) when their happiness is encroached upon by others; their lack of happiness is always someone else's fault – not theirs!

    This is the sum of Evil, Carry;

    The encroachment – particularly deliberate, thru lies, deceit, and treachery – upon the God Given, Natural Rights of ANY other human being for one's own SELFISHNESS!!!! It is a LIE that government (since there ARE NO natural superiors) is either a giver of rights or taker of rights!

    Mr. Carrey, I am determined to be self governing and responsible for me – EVEN if I must die to do it – because to let government take care of me is far worse! It is slavery!!!

  3. Jim Carrey is a very sick person. He is an off the wall bi-polar person and has been diagnosed as that. He does crazy things and has been fighting demons inside him for years

  4. I think he went easy on her actually. He could have accentuated her cro-magnon features more but he didn’t do that. He sure got the teeth right and the fake arched eyebrows.

  5. Hillary said in one of her books that men who attack women’s ideas by insulting their looks are guilty of misogyny. Which is a fear of women by men who are prone to violence against women. Perhaps so.

  6. It’s been some time since his over the top has actually funny and his crude ‘portraits’ aren’t much better. It reflects just how deep his ( some of our readers) insecurities go. “To respect others, one must first respect themselves” He need your prayers in the worst way

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