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Former Supreme Justice Reveals Anti-Constitution Bias

Don’t Supreme Court Justices have to swear to uphold and defend the constitution of the United States? If they don’t have to, they should. After all, it’s their job to interpret things happening in our society today and judge them against the constitution to determine if they obey the constitution or are in contradiction to it.

So it was somewhat a surprise to hear a former Justice of the Supreme Court, John Paul Stevens, say that he would like to see the second amendment of the constitution repealed. I would like to see a legal scholar research the decisions of former Justice Stevens and see how he decided when cases involving the second amendment came before the court while he was a member. If he decided that the second amendment could be interpreted as denying people to own guns then it’s probable that he always held a position in contradiction to the amendment, and that would be a violation of his oath as a justice.

It’s long been a tradition for liberal judges to decide constitutional issues based on their opinion and prejudice, not on the wording of the constitution, but to have a former justice announce that he doesn’t agree with the constitutional wording of the nation’s founders, suggests that liberal judges just want to do away with our constitution and make up rules as they go along and thereby change society as the see fit at the time.

We need more conservative judges on the Supreme Court, and the lower courts as well, so we can have a fully functioning constitution: Make America Constitutional Again.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. To my knowledge everyone who serves in government within the United States is required to swear an oath to the Constitution of the United States. I’ve taken this oath several times in different capacities – and meant it E-V-E-R-Y time!

    I’m certain Judges – including Supreme Court Justices – MUST take this oath. And if they aren’t taking it, when appointed, the LAW is being broken!

    It’s okay if you cannot or willfully disagree to uphold and protect the Constitution. It’s okay. Just have the dignity and HONOR to refuse the job. Otherwise you are a scurrilous LIAR!

    As to the 2nd Amendment and faux justice stevens (oath breakers don’t deserve titles) – isn’t it interesting how big government types always hate it when the LAW restricts them from doing whatever they want? I believe it was Jefferson who said keep men in power chained down with the Constitution. They think the Constitution prevents them from doing their job. Government’s only JUST purpose is to protect our rights – not protect us personally – OUR RIGHTS. If they simple thought of their job as being only THAT there wouldn’t be any resentment of the Chains of the Constitution! If only men were angels; right?

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