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Vladimir Putin Takes American Democrats To School

American Democrats and their community organizing subsidiaries have been using Stalinist, Alinsky tactics for years to divide American citizens and disrupt our political election process, but after 70 years of the Soviet Union also undermining and subverting our Democracy, Vladimir Putin has now demonstrated that no matter how hard liberal Democrats use Soviet/Russian tactics in and against America, the Rooskies are able to make our liberal Democrats look like the fools they are when the Russians use their tested and proven subversion tactics against the Democrat Party.

MSNBC and CNN actually did the bidding of Russia when they advertised and helped assemble crowds for Russian-planned, anti-Trump and anti-Clinton demonstrations, some of which even resulted in buildings being burned and people being beaten, so a thinking person has to conclude that Democrat, leftist Fake News organizations were actively colluding with Russia, and we all know how liberals pretend to hate people who collude with Russia, right?

One hates to speak in contradiction of the leftist hero, Comrade Barack Obama, but after witnessing events lately that conclusively prove how involved Russia has been in our national elections, I hope Obama’s followers now realize that the former president was completely wrong, and knowingly lying, when he told Mitt Romney that the threat of Russia was yesterday’s news and that Russia offered no threat to America at all in the 21st Century. And I hate to point out the actual and very real Russian collusion of Obama when he told the Russian Prime Minister, on an embarrassingly open mic, that he hoped Putin would give him time to get re-elected before he passed judgment on him. One wonders what Obama was afraid of with his admitted fear of Putin. Maybe the Russian president would have withheld a payment to Obama’s secret Swiss bank account for his favorable treatment toward Russia during his pro-Russian presidency.

At any rate, conservatives welcome Democrats to the 21st Century with the acknowledgement that Russia is a great threat to America and our ability to hold free elections which determine our political leaders, and not have to live as Russian’s are forced to do, with government-appointed Communist political and economic rulers.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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