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Can People Who Lack “Common Sense” Propose “Sensible” Solutions?

Allow me to list several things currently being proposed by liberal Democrats:

1. Open our borders to all Syrians, Mexicans, Norwegians and Central Americans with no restrictions.
2. Establish sanctuary cities and states where illegal alien criminals can seek refuge from Federal Law.
3. Allow a thick-necked, bearded, over-weight man to self-identify as a female, Japanese, ballet dancer. And then pretend this man is not out of his mind.
4. Pass a mandatory Affordable Care Act whose monthly premiums bankrupt middle class Americans, and whose deductibles are too costly to even use.
5. Allow men into women’s and girl’s restrooms.
6. Let one political party pay for a false document alleging criminal acts on the part of their political opponents, and then have the FBI knowingly pass this document to a FISA court for approval to investigate and surveil the other political party in order to entrap them.

Do these ideas make “sense” to you? Are these things in keeping with free elections and a rule by law under a constitution? The answer, of course, is NO. These are unreasonable, nonsense things only done in dictatorships or banana republics, but these things have been done by America’s Democrat party. And I’d say that any people or party with a track record like this is incapable of “sensible” solutions to any problem, especially a problem as difficult as the prevention of mass school shootings.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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