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White House uses tape recording to correct ‘Fake News’ story

President Donald Trump went after The Wall Street Journal Sunday morning calling them “FAKE NEWS” over a story they printed Friday.

“The Wall Street Journal stated falsely that I said to them “I have a good relationship with Kim Jong Un” (of N. Korea),” the president tweeted. “Obviously I didn’t say that. I said “I’d have a good relationship with Kim Jong Un,” a big difference. Fortunately we now record conversations with reporters and they knew exactly what I said and meant. They just wanted a story. FAKE NEWS!”

Backing up Trump’s claim of a recording, White House Press Secretary released the audio from the conversation.


Sanders later explained that the White House Press Office had contacted The Wall Street Journal and asked them to make a correction, which they refused to do.

“We first contacted the WSJ Friday morning and asked for a correction,” she said. “They repeatedly refused to issue one despite clear audio evidence they’d misquoted POTUS.”

The contraction controversy comes just after a Democrat staffer accused the president of calling third world countries “shitholes.” Trump and several others who were in the room deny the language was used, but the meeting was not recorded so, unlike the WSJ screw-up, it’s a he-said-they-said kinda thing.

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