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Trump allegedly calls 3rd world nations $h!tholes – here’s why the media is going berserk

update: President Trump tweeted Friday morning that “the language used” by him “was tough,” but the reported verbiage “was not the language used.”

Anonymous sources told news outlets Thursday that President Donald Trump called Haiti and other third world nations “shitholes” as a criticism against Democrats’ desire to convert temporary protection visas into permanent citizenship offers. The media has reframed the argument, changed the meaning and confused the story – but why?

The White House issued a response to the report saying only that “Certain Washington politicians choose to fight for foreign countries, but President Trump will always fight for the American people.”

So what’s behind the huge huh-bub around the president’s truthful remarks?

First, the president didn’t call immigrants a derogatory name. He merely referred to third world nations the same way that most people would in casual conversation.

Haiti, yeah, I ‘ve been there. His description is accurate. It is a country where the common people have no way to climb out of abject poverty. The government is corrupt, the social construct is … unconstructed and the country is a … a shithole. ABC Nightly News should send David Muir, Cecilia Vega and Tom Llamas to live among the masses for a few months. I can’t imagine any honest journalist would come away with a different description than the one used by the president. They might use different words, but there’s no way to repaint this as paradise:

Haiti waste bridge
Haitians use garbage to build a bridge – Photo: Poverties.org

Trump didn’t attack the people of those countries, he made an honest assessment of those countries. Their leaders are corrupt, their countries are terrible places to live in and it’s not in America’s best interest to take large groups of people from those countries and make them U.S. citizens.

Why is the media trying to turn this into a “Trump is racist” thing? Because it works to achieve progressive goals.

They need to defeat Trump’s immigration reform agenda as it is inherently bad for Democrats. Liberals have lost middle-class working families and hope to refill their ranks with the impoverished, unskilled workers from other nations – people that their own countries no longer want and aren’t fighting to get back.

Trump is on the cusp of getting the border wall built, increasing border security and implementing a merit-based immigration system. Democrats have no intention of letting any of that happen as it could jeopardize their future voting bloc. So if you’re wondering why House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s “white men” remark went unpunished by the mainstream media and Trump’s “shithole” remark became the focus of a 24-hour news cycle – look no further than the progressive agenda.

They need him to look racist, they need to fail with the wall, they need to turn foreigners under temporary protection into citizens no matter their skills, motivation, background or ability. The left needs voters and they’ve given up on working class American families. Heck, the lead Democrat in the U.S. House of Representatives doesn’t think white people can govern anymore.

It’s unclear why race is an issue as those “four white guys” were elected by voters in the districts/states and deserve the respect of their offices. Perhaps Pelosi forgets that she’s a VERY rich white woman and it won’t be long until the progressive base decides she’s not really one of them either.

Trump’s statement wasn’t about the color of anyone’s skin, unlike Pelosi’s ill-thought remark, it was about the condition of their country of origin and ability to do well in the United States. So before Democrat party leadership starts casting stones at the president for his honest assessment of third-world nations, they may want to look at their own racism and unpatriotic agenda first.

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Rich Mitchell

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  1. I’ve been to some s**tholes myself. They were literally filled whit human waste – and smelled so bad you gagged. The Truth isn’t always “pretty!

    Every American needs to visit a third world s**thole country in hopes of gaining some kind of insight and appreciation for what they are blessed with in their own native land!

    BTW ALL of the s**tholes nations of the world are run by socialist / communists. There isn’t a single example of a Constitutional Republic s**thole. But for some reason the socialist communist in this country want to level the playing field – to THAT extent!

  2. Desperation can create a strange illogical ‘companion when someone ‘knows’ they’re losing the battle. Also it’s known that quite often what we are quick to point out and be critical when others display the identical trait we dislike in ourselves.

    I’n glad Derrell pointed out that it was the country, NOT the people….There’s a vast difference!!

    To be honest, it is so much easier to attack the President’s language than to think or learn about the ‘subjec’

    As far as Pelosi goes….I’m having difficulty finding where/if she belongs in the earth bound human species.

  3. This type of language should never be defended no matter what the context. Stop normalizing it. It is offensive. There are so many other ways to describe a country. You cannot dismiss an entire country as a bad place. There are always positive and negative aspects to consider. No wonder people are outraged.

    1. Diana, I agree 100% with you about the ‘language’….However, my ‘outrage” comes not from the language, but the fact that from a meeting of this magnitude about the security of our nation that Dick Durbin and other ‘leaders’ were more concerned with verbalism than content, This, to me, indicates that some have no intention of finding a common ground that protects Americans.

      The squalor in some of the third world countries is unbelievable and the stench alone will nauseate ‘outsiders’… Many find their only food by digging in lava infested in landfills and are diseased….It’s no wonder that so many want to leave. I believe that this is what our President was describing. Understanding that, he was asking “Do we want to open our homes and expose our families” CDC reported in June that there are 22 contagious diseases previously unknown in America that comes from such locations

      My Mama had a bar of Ivory soap handy if we used these words.

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