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Trump releases fake news awards; CNN tries to fat shame him


Trump released his much promised Fake News Awards on Wednesday and rightly so. Never in our history has a president been so unfairly maligned and bashed because they are so jealous their corrupt candidate didn’t get in. Trump loves America and honors our military, unlike Hilary and Obama who hated America and wanted to make us into a socialist state. The media constantly made up stories about Trump and attack him unmercifully while not mentioning any of his accomplishments. Here are his awards for the Fake News Awards.

2017 was a year of unrelenting bias, unfair news coverage, and even downright fake news. Studies have shown that over 90% of the media’s coverage of President Trump is negative.

Check out President Trump’s ‘Fake News Awards’ ‘winners’ HERE

Still no matter what Trump does the Destroy Trump media will look for things to attack him on rather than what’s positive for the country. The latest being his doctor’s report on his health. They can’t accept the report from the official Whitehouse doctor Dr. Ronny Jackson that he is in such good health. This is the same doctor that has been in the white house for the past 12 years. He examined Bush and Obama and now Trump. Prior to being the official white house doctor he was the head of a trauma unit in Iraq. I think all that experience qualifies him, but not to the angry left wing media. John Roberts the white house reporter for FOX News was the only honest reporter saying, “Trump is ten years older than I am and in better health than I am.”

Looking back they first tried to get Jill Stein to have a recount after the election didn’t go their way, then they tried re-doing the delegates and threatening them, then they came up with this fake Russian Collusion  story. When that didn’t work they tried to say he was incompetent and mentally unfit and tired to bring up the 25th amendment to get him out. Now that  isn’t working so they are attacking his weight saying just because he is 15 pounds overweight he is obese and shouldn’t be president. …. So what if Trump is a few pounds overweight.  Most of America is.  I don’t recall ANY liberals ever talking about Obama’s smoking habit, or drinking alcohol.  If any conservative brought that up there would be hell to pay in the media. They are reacting the same way they did after the election. They just can’t accept the results.

Now some are asking for another opinion and want an independent doctor to weigh him and examine him. Black unemployment lowest in decades, stock market higher than ever, N & S Korea having a sudden love fest and they want to cry about the president’s weight? I thought fat-shaming was so yesterday.

CNN’s Sanjay Gupta without examining Trump personally is saying he is headed for a heart attack. Associated Press reporter Jill Colvin asked Dr. Jackson the bizarre question: “Do you have a life expectancy range for him based on his results?”

The media chuckled among themselves in reaction. Dr. Jackson just shook his head “no.”

What kind of parents did these people have to treat Trump so terrible who has never done anything to them.  Trump, is a wonderful, kind and generous man who loves his country more than anyone I have ever seen. Look what he has done to make our country great again. No matter your party you cannot help to compare what this man has done to our country. He has stood up for our country and is doing everything he can to help the American people of all races. He has a distinct personality of his own and talks like the average person and they aren’t use to that. That’s why people elected him.  We all do that which is why we choose different paths. But to constantly belittle the president of the United States the way they have is disgusting.


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Jim Clayton

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