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NFL to Feature Medal of Honor Recipients at Super Bowl Coin Flip

The NFL is playing the “see how patriotic we are” card with an announcement that there will be time set aside to honor Medal of Honor recipients at Super Bowl LII.

The league was caught off guard by a story revealing that it refused to run a pro-American ad by a veterans group in the official Super Bowl game program and the subsequent fallout has led to damage control efforts before the big game

AMVETS was rebuffed by NFL Vice President of Communications Brian McCarthy who in a statement declared that “Super Bowl programs aren’t a place for political messaging” which is the direct opposite of everything that the season has been about.

2017 was the year that Commissioner Roger Goodell, the bigwigs at NFL HQ and several activist owners thumbed their noses at the veterans and all but told fans to go straight to hell by allowing the games to be hijacked by disrespectful ingrates who sought to advance their racial grievance agenda by protesting the national anthem.

Ratings were crapola but the Super Bowl is the time to sell as much advertising as possible while kissing the asses of the SJWs and then get into the offseason and hope that everyone forgets about all of it.

Now the NFL has conveniently chosen to devote a portion of the Super Bowl to the vets.

Via Stars and Stripes “Amid ‘Please Stand’ controversy, NFL announces it will honor veterans during Super Bowl”:

Days after receiving criticism from a national veterans organization for rejecting an advertisement urging players and fans to stand during the national anthem, the National Football League announced Thursday that it would honor veterans during Super Bowl LII.

Fifteen Medal of Honor recipients will be part of the Super Bowl coin toss ceremony on Feb. 4 in Minneapolis, the NFL announced. The game pits the Philadelphia Eagles against the New England Patriots.

World War II veteran Hershel “Woody” Williams, 94, will flip the coin, surrounded by the other Medal of Honor recipients. Williams received the Medal of Honor in 1945 for his actions during the Battle of Iwo Jima.

“The NFL is proud to honor our nation’s heroes at Super Bowl LII,” NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said in a written statement. “These courageous individuals deserve to be recognized on America’s biggest stage.”

The announcement was made just days after American Veterans, known as AMVETS, spoke out against the NFL for rejecting a print advertisement the group submitted for the official Super Bowl LII programs. The full-page ad pictured the American flag, soldiers and the words “Please Stand,” referring to the movement of NFL players protesting racial inequity and injustice by kneeling during the performance of the national anthem before the start of games.

Following the outcry, NFL Vice President of Communications Brian McCarthy said official Super Bowl programs should not be used for political messaging and that AMVETS was given an opportunity to amend their ad.

AMVETS sent a letter to Goodell on Monday, calling the decision “corporate censorship.”

The NFL emphasized Thursday its efforts to honor veterans and the military, including its season-long “Salute to Service” military appreciation initiative. The league also partners with military nonprofits TAPS, USO, Pat Tillman Foundation and Wounded Warrior Project.

You will have to forgive me for seeing this a cynical attempt to dupe fans into believing that the league truly gives a hoot about veterans, the flag and the national anthem after a season that screamed everything to the contrary.

This one is pure phony baloney and you’d have to be as blind to not recognize it as what it is.

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  1. I don’t think we can ever express our gratitude enough to our military and their families……but this sounds more like “I’ll say I’m sorry, but I don’t mean iy” to me. Of course, I suppose anything is possible. Like with 13 seconds left in a tied game there’s a 100 yd field goal !!! motta happin’….I’ll watch the horse races

    Hard to believe Goodell’s contract was renewed….whose pocet did he crawl into?

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