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Horror: New technology kills unborn babies In just minutes

by Grace Carr

A device called SofTouch performs an abortion in minutes, virtually removing all the burdens of more conventional abortion methods.

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Developed in 2011 by Harvard-trained physician, Doctor Joan Fleischman, “SoftTouch” abortions are the least invasive abortion option for early pregnancies, according to The procedure is normally used on women between five and 10 weeks of pregnancy, but can be performed up to 12 weeks of pregnancy per a doctor’s discretion.

The abortion procedure involves only a small aspirator and flexible tube that remove the fetus from the woman’s cervix in three to five minutes. The abortion produces almost no discomfort and almost all women who have “SofTouch” abortions resume their normal activities within 15 minutes, the website claims.

The website also touts the procedure as “noninvasive and natural” and includes other “advantages” over the abortion pill, such as its 100%a effectiveness. The procedure allegedly does not negatively affect a woman’s chance to conceive again in the future, and women also experience less cramping and bleeding than those who take the abortion pill.

“SoftTouch is completed in one visit and our patients leave the office knowing that the pregnancy is over,” the abortion website maintains.

SofTouch abortions cost roughly $1200.

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    1. mm, I so agree with you! I have wondered how it is that these self-centered women and the doctors that play God would never consider ‘murdering’ another adult size person don’t give it a second thought when it comes to killing an unborn child….perhaps it’s because the unborn can’t resist or fight back…..

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