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Do Liberals Have Any Sense At All?

The New York Times is shocked, shocked! –  that they have now determined President Trump’s new tax law will indeed save most people money on their taxes, and that this money will benefit the middle class, contrary to all of the tripe Trump-haters spread last year about only the rich benefiting from the new tax law. The ignorant people who run the New York Times appear to lack the ability to use their minds and remember, as Ronald Reagan proved, that the economy will improve when people keep more of their own money and that businesses will benefit and hire more employees when they are allowed to invest more in their operations and give less money to the government. And when government regulations are reduced, the owners of businesses can conduct and expand the business as they see fit, which is exactly what we are currently seeing from businesses who see a bright future for a change, after the eight years of Obama’s doom and gloom, massive regulations and dire economic predictions.

Along similar lines of liberal thinking, these New York Times people are part of the liberal leftist fools who told us in the 1980s that girls and boys have no real differences between them and that gender roles could be reversed if boys played with dolls and girls played with guns and Army soldiers. These same liberals seemed to be shocked, shocked!, when they finally had to admit that men and women are different.

Liberals have no ability to look at post-Castro Cuba and admit that Cubans lived better prior to Castro’s Communism destroying the Island nation. Similarly, they cannot see that the very wealthy nation of Venezuela is much worse off today than it was before it was forced to practice Socialism by Hugo Chavez. A lack of any ability to critically and freely think about events means that liberals will always make wrong, inappropriate decisions, as they prove to the nation daily with their actions and words.

And these liberals, who seem to lack the most basic common sense and ability to think outside the liberal box, are the same people who are America’s supposed thinkers, leaders, teachers, economists, journalists and trendsetters. God help us with these fools in charge.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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