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Democrats Want S**t-Poor Immigrants

Once again, President Trump was proven when criticizing the anti-American policies of Democrats. The only reason Democrats want people from poor nations to come here is to get their votes. When they arrive, are unable to find jobs and have to depend on welfare in order to support themselves and their families they will owe allegiance to the Democratic party. Too often we find that newly arrived immigrants are unable to support themselves and must depend on Democrats for handouts, which causes the American tax-payer to have to support these people with higher taxes.

Tucker Carlson had a Hispanic mouthpiece on his Fox program Thursday night, and although Carlson tried repeatedly to get this leftist tool to admit that the social and economic conditions in nations like Haiti and Somalia were sub-human, and confess that that’s why so many people are coming to America for relief from these hell-holes, the frontman refused to admit that indeed the situation is terrible in most of the countries our immigrants are coming from, nor would he admit that America has a superior economic condition in which to live. He constantly insinuated that everything in Haiti is fine and that unfortunate Haitian citizens trying to get here, or trying to stay here if they are already here, are just more people trying to settle here and get a good job.

Why do politicians insist on representing and protecting immigrants and not their fellow citizens who voted them into their cushy jobs? On January 10, 2018, The Daily Caller posted an article that confirmed that several Democrat officials, including Jennifer Palmieri, who was Bill Clinton’s Communications Director, stressed that Democrats need the votes of Immigrants in order to keep their elected offices. And there’s the answer: more poor immigrants equals more leftist, Democrat politicians in office churning the same corrupt system to their favor and to the expense and detriment of America.

And when one considers the nasty language that Robert De Niro and numerous Democrat officials like Obama, Hillary, LBJ, Harry Truman and many others have used in speeches and public appearances, I’m not at all concerned if President Trump uses a harmless and accurate descriptive like S**t-Poor , if he did indeed use those words, when he talks about liberal policy and the economic plight of Haitians. He’s absolutely correct with his depiction of liberal, socialist economic policies abroad: They’re all failures and they hurt their own citizens and make them flea to more stable, secure nations, like the United States. That’s why the Hispanic mouthpiece was unable to accurately answer Tucker Carlson’s question when comparing America to Haiti; these fool leftists have no point to make, and we all know that they are liars.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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One Comment

  1. Dave, you’ve laid out the situation in a way that is clear and easily understood (except by brain washed libs)

    These ‘humans’ living in sub-human conditions are desperate . So desperate that they will willingly become the chattel of another slave owner that pays in clean food and medical treatment. Who can blame them!?

    I’m reminded of Stephen Vincent Benet’s “The Devil and Daniel Webster” fictitious story of a farmer that had a sick wife, the family starving etc that traded his soul to “Mr Scratch” for prosperity and health. A lawyer, Daniel Webster, understood his plight and waged a (legal) fights to nullify the arrangement, using our courts and laws….NEVER once taking away of denying any American of what they had.

    Charity must begin at home……or we just might find ourselves without either.

    GOD, Country and family FIRST

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