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A citizen challenges Nancy Pelosi’s vacuous rhetoric

This letter was sent by the author to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

To: Representative Nancy Pelosi,

Your vacuous inflammatory rhetoric, e.g., against the proposed tax reform, does not serve the best interests of the nation or the people. You present no facts. None. Your inane histrionics border on the fringes of comportable behavior, especially when considering the position that you hold — but do not fill.

The American taxpayers, including Democrats, Republicans and others are paying you to legislate not to obstruct, obfuscate and conflate. You, the self-proclaimed “master legislator” are a tiresome farce who has little credibility left to lose.

If you possess the courage, the intellect and a grasp of the facts to speak with informed authority about the pending tax reform, then your place, indeed, your obligation is to confer and debate the matter with your fellow representatives. Remember this: (1) you are bound by oath/affirmation to support the Constitution which empowers Congress to provide for the general welfare of the United States; (2) you hold a position in the national government; (3) Congress is not empowered to provide for the welfare of your constituency and neither are you, you work for the national interest.

I allege that you have neither read the tax reform proposals nor have you prepared a credible proposal. I invite you to prove me wrong by making a factually supported public disclosure to the contrary.

John Lucas
45858 Highway 58
Buttonwillow, CA 93206


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