Senator Elizabeth Warren, Squaw Of High Cheeks, Is The Racist, Not Trump

So again we hear from the party of racism, complaining about how racist they think Donald Trump is for reminding Americans of the actual racist deeds of Democrats. As President Trump was thanking some Navajo code-talkers yesterday for their essential service in World War II, he happened to mention a pretend Indian, Senator Elizabeth Warren, who, in order to have an edge over other applicants, claimed to Harvard University that she was an ethnic minority due to her being 1/32 Cherokee and having high cheekbones, just like all Indians do, according to the racist Squaw Lizzie.

The high cheekbones comment is, of course, racist in that it assumes that all Indians look alike and that they all say “How” when they greet you on the street. But not only did Squaw Lizzie complain about the President’s totally true comment about her Harvard job application, but Lizzie is a true racist in her claim to be part Cherokee with no proof offered beyond her cheekbones, and she took a job that some actual Indian descendant could really use. The leftist press jumped in and joined the squawking Squaw about President Trump’s very appropriate and true comments about her.

Also commented on by our subversive press was that the ceremony honoring the Navajo Indians for their critical assistance in WWII, which was performed in a room with a prominent painting of Andrew Jackson in the background. Because of this painting the press railed about the terrible treatment that Indian tribes suffered while Jackson was President and called the mere presence of the painting to be racist. One must admit that for political reasons the picture might have been removed for the actual presentation to the Navajos, but why does everything have to be about politics? Jackson was indeed president as the west was being claimed and settled by Americans coming from the east coast, so what is the harm?

But as usual the liberal press stepped in a big pile of it when they criticized Trump for having the award ceremony under Jackson’s stern gaze, because Jackson was a Democrat during the years he was president and history tells us that enormous mistreatment of Indians was performed by the presidency of Andrew Jackson, so we thank our liberal press for bringing this to our attention.

Aside from the press calling attention to the anti-Indian, Democrat presidency of Andrew Jackson, here are a few more facts that could be provided to remind and warn Americans away from the party of Hillary and Obama: Democrats formed and controlled the Ku Klux Klan as it killed blacks across the south in the 1800s. Democrats prevented the vote being given to women for many years as Republicans tried to allow this practice. Democrats repeatedly voted down the civil rights act that Republicans tried to get enacted. The dogs released to attack blacks as they marched for equal treatment under the law in Alabama were released by Democrat sheriffs and police chiefs. The politicians who stood in school-house doors, blocking entry to black children, were Democrat politicians. The party that is currently keeping blacks unemployed and unable to find jobs is the Democrat party, which welcomes illegal aliens who take jobs that Americans are prevented from taking. The party that has forbidden school choice as a sop to the teacher’s unions is the Democrat party, so poor black students have to suffer in low-quality public schools. The cities that have the highest crime rates and the highest black-on-black murder rates in the nation have Democrat mayors. American Indians were repeatedly lied to and mistreated in the 1800s by a Democrat President Andrew Jackson. The president who swore to “fundamentally transform America” and then set about doing so by illegally and unconstitutionally opening up our southern border to all who would enter, was a Democrat. The cities that are proclaimed to be sanctuary cities where crimes by illegal aliens are not reported and where decent poor people suffer from illegal alien gangs who prey on them, are governed by Democrat mayors.

And the squaw that used her high cheekbones to take a very lucrative job at Harvard from a minority who may have been much better qualified to occupy such a position was Democrat Elizabeth Warren, better known as Pocahontas for her self-proclaimed and never proven claim to be 1/32 American Indian.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. Calling a woman a “Squaw” is racist….equivalent to calling you an ignorant redneck.

    If you don’t want to be called names, you should refrain from calling other people names.

    1. Calling an Indian woman a Squaw is not racist in the least, except for those liberals seeking reasons to call other people racists. Elizabeth Warren self-identified herself as an Indian when she sought work at Harvard, which is itself a racist act in my opinion, as well as a lie, and I’m just trying to show respect for her self-identity.
      But if your point had been that the word “squaw” is a bit tacky, you may well be correct. I’m just a straight, white, male who is trying to keep his head above water in a world seething with people who self-identify as something they are not, and who add new alphabet self-identities to the LGBTQ list on an hourly basis. What I need is some sympathy from my leftist brothers and sisters who claim to have so much compassion and understanding, but who are quick to scream “racism” at every comment they disagree with.

      1. Nothing wrong with this article…Keep up the efforts. There are some ‘good’ people that simply don’t grasp what a racist truly is and too readily accept the crowd noise in good faith and misguidance.

      2. I suggest you go out to New Mexico and call an Indian woman a “squaw.”

        After you pick yourself up off the ground and bandage up your wounds, you can say you were just following the definition in Webster’s. 😉

    2. Elsie, I think I know where you’re coming from, but suggest you pull out your Webster

      “Squaw: noun [Am. Ind. (Algonquian}} An American Indian woman or wife. Any woman; chiefly humorous”

      Just as human or woman describe you adding “Elsie” make you more unique and distinguishable from the other humans and women.

      Names or labels are sometimes used to emphasis the outrageous behavior of events or people. as well as their merits.

      “Racist” has been incorrectly and over used and is dividing our Nation.

      1. I suggest you go out to New Mexico and call an Indian woman a “squaw.”

        After you pick yourself up off the ground and bandage up your wounds, you can say you were just following the definition in Webster’s.

  2. I suggest you go out to New Mexico and call an Indian woman a “squaw.”

    After you pick yourself up off the ground and bandage up your wounds, you can say you were just following the definition in Webster’s. 😉

  3. I am 1/3rd Cherokee Indian and am frequently in New Mexico and other pow wow vents. I have heard the word ‘Squaw’ used both as addressing a woman respectfully and in a joking way. Never have I seen any reaction close to what you suggest I just hope that you, personally, have not been subjected to having it used towards you or yours. If that’s the case I totally apologize for adding to your hurt. Almost any word can be said a way that is hateful and disparaging and not at all acceptable. I suppose the ‘tone’ is open for personal . My elderly uncle often lovingly refers to my full blooded Cherokee aunt as ‘Squaw’.

    I wasn’t trying to correct what you said, just wanted to offer a reason Dave chose to use the term.

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