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Jeff Sessions On The Hot Seat


Attorney General Jeff Sessions pushed back Tuesday against accusations that he lied under oath about his knowledge of contacts between the Trump campaign and Russian officials when he testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee. The senators fired some hard hitting and rough questions at him for the entire day,but Sessions managed to stay calm and cool in the face of their rapid fire hard hitting questions. This whole Russian thing is getting so old now. What a waste of taxpayer’s money. Today’s hearing with Jeff Sessions shows that they still haven’t gotten over the fact that their gal Hillary lost and never will.

Sessions had previously testified in a Senate hearing that he was not aware of any contacts between the Trump campaign and Russians, a claim Democrats said was inconsistent in a Tuesday letter.

If, as recent reports suggest, you rejected [George] Papadopoulos’s suggestion that President Trump meet with Vladimir Putin at that March 31 meeting — a fact you appear to have remembered only after Mr. Papadopoulos’s account was made public — it seems likely that you were ‘aware’ of communications between the Russian government and surrogates of the Trump campaign,” lawmakers said in the letter.

Papadopoulos was a member of the Trump campaign’s foreign policy advisory team, which was chaired by Sessions. Another member of the advisory team was Carter Page, who told the House Intelligence Committee that he notified Sessions of his intent to give a speech in Moscow where Page met a Russian official.

“My answers have never changed. I have always told the truth, and I have answered every question as I understood them and to the best of my recollection, as I will continue to do today,” Sessions told the House Judiciary Committee Tuesday. “I would like to address recent news reports regarding meetings during the campaign attended by George Papadopoulos and Carter Page, among others. Frankly, I had no recollection of this until I saw these news reports.”

Papadopoulos is charged with allegedly lying to the FBI about what a professor said to him (a professor who has denied what he supposedly said to him and who since has vanished), George Papadopoulos is a low level nobody and a proven liar. He is irrelevant in the entire scope of things.

Paul  Manafort was charged with alleged financial crimes that occurred years before his involvement with Trump’s campaign. Manafort’s and Gate’s alleged crimes are UNRELATED to any time with the Trump campaign,

Over a year of investigation and NOTHING illegal linked to Trump or his campaign.

Meanwhile Hillary Clinton and James Comey paid foreign nationals including Russian government operatives to write oppo research to be used in illegally securing FISA warrants to spy against a political campaign during a presidential election. Democrats and the lawless Obama administration are the ones guilty of treason.

The Clintons however, neglected to report $25 million last year for their Clinton Foundation “charity” (only 10% of what they take in goes to actual charitable causes) and they don’t pay any taxes on the other 90%. They said they “forgot” about the $25 million and were required to file an updated return. In addition, they have NEVER been audited which is absolutely required for “charitable” foundations, yet they get away with crime after crime scott free every time.

.One of the top highlights of Session’ testimony before the House Judiciary Committee was his back-and-forth with Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL). Gutierrez smugly tried to play “gotcha” with Sessions, but the Attorney General brushed off the Democrat’s attempts to get in a favorable sound clip.

At the beginning Guitierrez made a snide remark reminding Sessions that Hillary got three million more votes than Trump did, but Trump won the election. I thought that was uncalled for and showed these dems haven’t gotten over the election and they are still suffering from TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome).

The Illinois congressman made Attorney General Sessions an odd offer to simultaneously put an end to investigations of both President Trump and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton:

“Before I begin, I think I have a solution that could allow the committee to move on to other important national matters like gun control and immigration.

“Your side clearly wants an investigation of Hillary Clinton, and our side has been begging for months to hold hearings and start an investigation of the Trump administration and campaign’s improper ties to Mr. Putin and the Russian government. …

“I propose we simply go to the President and the former Secretary of State and ask them both to resign.“

Gutierrez later admitted that he realized Clinton is no longer Secretary of State–and used that fact to dismiss any investigation of her misdeeds as irrelevant.

The liberal champion also tried to hit Sessions with charges of lying under oath, saying that the Attorney General has lied about having contact with Russians.

Gutierrez’s evidence? A  Mother Jones article which is a liberal, radical, sleazy publication.

Sessions said he never met a Russian in his life!

Another time Gutierrez brought up Trump’s comment to Hillary during the debates when he told Hilary if he were president she’d be in jail. He tried getting Sessions to admit that was Trump breaking a campaign promise. First of all that wasn’t a campaign promise, but a flippant remark to Hillary during the debate so Guitrrez was acting like a fool saying that too. In the end Americans were reminded why no one takes the congressman seriously.

Today’s hearing is a classic example of a fishing expedition. How many more hearings will these dems have like this that are a waste of taxpayer’s money over and over. They will never give up until they can overthrow the election. Eight years of lies and even more of Liberal corruption made Trump possible. Thank God we will have some real leadership in office hopefully for the next 8 years.


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