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Iowa Cheerleader would rather quit squad than stop kneeling during Anthem

Alyssa Parker BVU cheerleader

An Iowa college cheerleader has quit the squad rather than adhere to a rule that would require that she stand for the National Anthem when it is played before games.

Alyssa Parker of Buena Vista University sat in a lonely rec center, hidden from the crowd, while “The Star-Spangled Banner” played on Oct. 21. A pit in her stomach as the anthem played, she contemplated her position on the squad and her negative feelings as it played within earshot.

After the abhorrent display on Sept. 30 where a small number of players and cheerleaders, including Alyssa, decided to kneel during the “Star-Spangled Banner”, the college published an official policy requiring those on the field to “stand for the National Anthem.”

The policy allowed players, staff and cheerleaders to kneel before the anthem if they so chose.

Instead of realizing the she could generate the same amount of attention without dishonoring the flag, nation, or its veterans by kneeling before the anthem, Alyssa quit the squad.

“Social injustice, standing up for what I believe in and using my voice for others who no longer have one: These are beliefs I hold to my core,” Parker wrote in a Facebook post. “They are what make me Alyssa. I couldn’t bring myself to give that up.”

So Alyssa can now sit in the stands, not protesting anything while the rest of her squad reverently stands while the anthem is played in honor of our country and its heroes.

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  1. It amazes me that these young people, like Alyssa, seem to truly believe that they are doing something substantial and brave. That is utter nonsense for two very clear reasons: 1. A two minute holding of a particular physical position does absolutely nothing to change anything…If she wanted to actually accomplish something, she (and others) would volunteer time and effort to organizations that actually were doing something to change whatever it to which they are objecting; 2. my generation marched at great risk of bodily harm in truly dangerous conditions to make desegregation happen…there was no expectation of being released from jail if arrested because there WAS law-breaking, but it was the readiness to suffer the consequences that actually brought about a change of laws (there was not thought of avoiding consequences). Today’s snowflakes have no concept of true commitment that accepts consequences or suffering in the name of their goals…they seem to think that words and brief action should be sufficient to make everyone roll over and do as they wish. They will, of course, ultimately learn the truth…but it will not be easy and it will definitely not be pretty.

  2. If this country is so egregious to Alyssa then she needs to seriously consider what millions – billions – of people all down thru history did – MIGRATE!!!

    Alyssa – take your fat ass and move to CUBA – or N. Korea – or better YET – IRAN. Stop trying to change MY Country that I love dearly into what your selfish little 2 dimensional brain thinks is just!

    GET _ OUT!!!!

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