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Why Democrat Attacks on Trump’s Mental Health are a Direct Threat to Democracy

The undeniable reason why Democrats in both the House and Senate have once again found themselves questioning Trump’s “mental health” is simple, they still can’t believe he’s the President. Toss in the fact that Trump won Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan, it only adds up to one scenario. That is, Donald Trump couldn’t have possibly won this election legitimately. Not only is this alarming, but should be taken as a direct threat to our democracy.

Maxine Watters called for the impeachment of Donald Trump before he was even sworn into office. A sitting member of the United States Congress called for the impeachment of a man who hasn’t even been sworn into office. The meaning of this is significant. Watters is calling for something that if actually followed through on, would have serious implications for many generations to come.

It doesn’t matter what Watters thinks, or what any member of Congress thinks for that matter. What matters is this, the people of our great country voted and they choose Donald Trump. Watters is proposing that we forgo the election results simply because she doesn’t deem Trump fit to serve. Well, the truth is members of Congress don’t get to decide who our president is, the people do. And for any member of Congress to try and bypass the results of an election simply because they disagree with the winning candidate, is something that would utterly destroy the basis on which our democracy was founded on.

The hypocrisy shown by Watters is absolutely mind-blowing. She takes the moral high ground claiming Trump isn’t fit to serve disregarding her colorful past.  Maxine Watters Waters has repeatedly been identified as one of the “most corrupt” members of Congress and her family members have made more than $1 million from companies helped by the Congresswoman.

The House Ethics Committee charged Waters with three counts of violating House and federal ethics rules after she attempted to arrange a meeting between Treasury Department officials and a bank her husband held undisclosed stock. Watters has a record of corruption yet somehow thinks she should be able to change the will of the people. How ridiculously ignorant.

In recent days Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) is once again attempting again to undo the 2016 election results by “questioning Trump’s mental health” and reaching out to mental health professionals.  These are direct attempts to once again bypass election results simply because they don’t believe Donald Trump should’ve won. It’s important to think about what all this means. If members of Congress could simply disregard election results because they didn’t support the candidate who won, they would have the ultimate power at their fingertips.

The citizens our great country would have no real power or authority to control anything. If we fail to not only recognize but stop these continued attempts to bypass the will of the people, the country we love so dearly will never be the same. It will become a country in which the elite class will have the power to overrule everyday citizens at every step of the way, and from that point, we may never be able to recover.

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Brady Kenyon

Brady is a contributing writer for Conservative Daily News.

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