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Phil Robertson Gets Censored by Facebook

“Duck Commander” Phil Robertson is doing a new solo show for Conservative digital network CRTV but Facebook has decided to censor a promo clip for the show without good cause.

Conservative Review, the sister publication of CRTV, announced Wednesday that social media giant Facebook yanked a promo clip in which Phil prepares duck gumbo from scratch – including the preparation of the bird.

Phil Robertson censored Facebook

According to Conservative Review, “Facebook censored Phil’s post for ‘graphic violence or gore.'” Which could only mean the game preparation was their reason for yanking it. If that were the case, our search of Facebook should have yielded no results for “how to field dress a deer.”

Facebook field dress a deer

Ok, so maybe Facebook is fine with deer preparation, but ducks are off limits?

Nope. Looks like Silicon Valley is just fine with publishing duck cleaning content too. So what’s left? Well, he is a religious Conservative – take your pick of which trigger word caused the left coast social media platform to pull his content.

As Conservative Review put it: “If there was ever a perfect explanation for why the “Duck Commander” will launch his new show, “In the Woods with Phil,” on CRTV instead of cable, YouTube, or Facebook, it’s this right here.”

Phil’s move to CRTV will afford him a platform that will allow him to voice his true values – something with which he and A&E were at odds.

“What does a man do when they try to run him out of town for quoting a Bible verse?” Robertson asks. “I’ll tell you what he does; he goes deep into the woods.”

Robertson hinted that there could be upwards of 200 episodes during which he will not be muzzled by political correctness.

“For far too long we have been told to shut up. No more,” Robertson said during another promo clip. “These are my woods. Out here, I call the shots. Out here, we reject political correctness, or as I like to say, ‘pontificated crap.’”

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