Liberal Gun Control Ideas Fall Apart Quickly

Fox News Host Tucker Carlson has had several liberals on his program since the Las Vegas mass killings and he’s asked each liberal guest how this horrible event could have been prevented.

Most of the guests just drift off with statements along the lines of all Americans “working together” and “coming together” to resolve anger and violence, as if liberals ever worked with conservatives on anything to resolve any issue, and then they will push for more restrictive checks to be made when a weapon is purchased, which ideas fall apart because criminals steal weapons or buy them illegally, which means the criminal purchaser will not get an FBI check on his sanity and intent.

One of Carlson’s invitees also said that there should be a federal database that would alert the FBI to persons accumulating “too many” weapons, but his guest’s argument is not substantial when you consider that anyone with criminal intent would stop buying guns legally short of the federal “too many” mark. So he would buy seven instead of the federal limit of eight guns, the FBI would not be alerted, and much violent action would still take place, so how is this idea any help?

The truth is that liberals want total gun control and they want all guns confiscated, which will only disarm honest citizens, but they know that American citizens will not approve of confiscation, so they founder with poorly thought ideas and lie about their intent. Unfortunately the old saw of “outlawing weapons means that only outlaws will have weapons” is as true today as it’s always been, and liberals are putting Americans at great risk with their stupid ideas, the proof of which is that the liberal bastion of Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation while also having the highest murder rate in the nation, and that’s what happens when liberals get their way.

To be reminded of the dishonesty and lack of integrity of liberals, just remember the famous and numerously repeated lies of Barack Obama when he said these things about the disaster of Obamacare: “You can keep your doctor, period; you can keep your plan, period; and the average family will save $2500 a year”. Liberals are veteran and forever liars, and when they tell us that they don’t want to confiscate our guns, we know that the Pinocchio effect is taking place.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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