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Trump Destroys The Media With Infrastructure Speech and Press Briefing At Trump Tower!!!

trump infrastructure speech

President Trump gave his report on how he intends to improve our infrastructure in a live press briefing at Trump Tower on Tuesday, but the Trump hating media didn’t want to spend one damn second on infrastructure. All they wanted to talk about was the Charlottesville attack and his response to it. Thankfully, Trump went on the OFFENSIVE, and it was awesome.

Trump said he intends to spend a trillion dollars over the next ten years to improve our highways, bridges, buildings tunnels and roads which are all in disrepair now. He showed a flow chart that was at least six feet long on what it takes to go through to get  repairs like this done and said he intends to streamline it to half that.  Trump mentioned that in one state it took 17 years to get a highway done and he could have done it in two years. Trump said that companies like Merk, Chrysler and Foxconn are coming back to this country and jobs are being filled. He’s created a million jobs so far and still counting.

I myself was flabbergasted at their knuckle headed, thick headed insistence that he respond to the Charlottesville attack.  He answered that numerous times over the week-end and yesterday saying he condemns all hate groups, Nazis, neo-nazies, etc. but the media in attendance kept re-iterating the same questions over and over and he kept answering them back without losing his composure.  If that were me I’d be flipping out at them. How many times does he have to answer that same question? That’s what I like about Trump. He never loses his cool and you hit him, he hits back twice as hard.  He kept saying how there were bad people on both sides, “You people in the fake news keep reporting about the alt right.  How about the alt left?” Trump said, “There were bad people on the left side in black outfits and masks over their faces and helmets and clubs attacking the people on the right.”

This seemed to incense the media people even more. They kept asking him why he waited so long to respond.  He responded that he wanted all the facts first “which you people still don’t have.  I didn’t wait long. I wanted to make sure, unlike most politicians, that what I said was correct,” he said, “When I make a statement, I like to be correct. I want the facts. This event just happened.” He must have repeated that at least ten times every time they asked it.  How many times does he have to answer that? It’s like every answer goes over their heads and all want a chance to ask the same question which they kept repeating over and over and he kept coming right back at them.

When explaining that the whole thing started with the group demonstrating against taking down the statue of Robert E. Lee Trump asked, “Did you know George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were slave owners? Should we take down statues of them too? Where do you draw the line?” Trump asked.   He was right on sending that right back at them. They didn’t have an answer to that. He was right on about that. Do we remove them from Mount Rushmore? Do we take down the Washington Monument? Like Trump said, “Where does it end?”

A reporter asked Trump if he had been in contact with the family of the young girl who was killed. Trump responded that he received the most beautiful reply via twitter from the girl’s mother that was amazing. They still hammered him about if he spoke to the family. He again responded that he received a nice reply from the girl’s mother and said he hadn’t spoken to them personally yet, but planned to this week.

These young college snowflake protestors who are taking down these confederate statues are being “useful idiots,” as Karl Marx called them, by people who are out to destroy this country.  These protestors whether they realize it or not are adhearing to the Communist Manifesto which points out that the Communist Party supports all revolutionary movements that challenge the  existing social and political order, and close the Manifesto with a call for unity among the proletariat with their famous rally cry, “Working men of all countries, unite!” One of the groups protesting in Charlottesville called themselves the Socialist Workers party.

Comedian Lenny Bruce once said, “A working knowledge of syphilis is not an invitation to get it.” The same could apply to these people who want to erase any knowledge of the confederacy and slavery from our history. Learn about it but, don’t let it happen again. Don’t tear down statues and erase any references to it. Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it as the famous saying goes. If communism takes over this country these protestors are in for a shock when all their freedoms are taken away.

Trump then asked if there were any infrastructure questions, but the media kept hammering him about his response to Charlottesville for the millionth time. Finally a reporter asked him an infrastructure question as he was leaving and Trump said that with all the companies coming back here that will solve a lot of racial issues because people will have jobs then.

President Trump Destroys Everyone at His Wild Press Conference in Trump Towe

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