New Poll: John McCain Should Consider Switching Parties

A new Gallup poll released Monday indicates that Senator John McCain (R-AZ) might want to consider switching parties if he wants to retain his seat.

The poll, conducted August 2-6, shows a dramatic shift in support for Arizona’s aging legislator when compared to a similar poll taken in 2015.

Democrats now view McCain much more positively than they did two years ago, with their 71% favorable ratings representing a 22-percentage-point increase since then. Republicans’ opinions have grown more negative, though their 10-point decline (from 61% to 51%) is about half as large as the Democratic increase. Independents’ opinions of McCain are virtually the same as they were two years ago.

John McCain more popular with democratsWhile most in the media blame his vote against Obamacare repeal as the main reason for the switch, McCain’s constant Trump-bashing while kowtowing to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is more likely the cause. Republicans increasingly see him as left-leaning moderate and part of the #resist movement set on blocking President Trump’s agenda.

In June, Sen. McCain said that U.S. leadership was better under Barack Obama than it is under President Trump. He also sided with the Washington Post when they published a poorly-sourced, unconfirmed report that Trump gave classified information to Russia. McCain accused Libertarian hero Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) of working for Putin, voiced opposition to the president’s immigration policy, and publicly bashed the president at a foreign event.

The Arizona Senator’s overall favorability rating increased to 58%, just above his 2015 53% score.

The up-side-down support result is only the second time Gallup has seen it occur. In 2006, Sen. Joe Lieberman (D-CT) saw more support from Republicans than Democrats according to the polling organization. Coincidentally, Lieberman and McCain are long-time friends.

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  1. McCain should be thrown out of the Republican party as he is nothing but a disgrace to the party,he is a neo con warmonger and part of the Washington swamp people in Arizona should make sure that doesn’t get voted in again as he has overplayed his hand very badly.

  2. A war coward who was proven to be one is and should leave, now that his health is in a fast decline this time left should be with his family . Voters have seen his mean and beguile nature, anger that he is now hurting this great country. Sadly he use to stand tall, now he is shrinking quickly to just a shell of a once leader to the people of Arizona..

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