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Poll: 68% of Voters Think Illegal Immigration a Serious Problem


Voters increasingly believe that illegal immigration is a major problem, and few feel the government is doing enough to handle it. A new Rasmussen Reports poll shows 68 percent of American voters believe that illegal immigration is a serious problem in America today. The poll also shows that 43 percent of voters consider illegal immigration to be a “very serious” problem. As ...

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Gallup: Americans View Dissatisfaction With Government as Nations Top Problem

Americans view government as the number one problem facing the U.S., according to a new poll that showed 21 percent of Americans consider dissatisfaction with government (leadership, incompetence, and dysfunction) to be the top problem facing the U.S., up two percentage points from July. The Gallup survey notes that immigration, which was at top of the list last month, slips from ...

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New Poll: John McCain Should Consider Switching Parties

John McCain strange questions to Comey

A new Gallup poll released Monday indicates that Senator John McCain (R-AZ) might want to consider switching parties if he wants to retain his seat. The poll, conducted August 2-6, shows a dramatic shift in support for Arizona’s aging legislator when compared to a similar poll taken in 2015. Democrats now view McCain much more positively than they did two ...

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Americans Lose Hope for Economic Rebound

A new Gallup survey shows that consumers are losing confidence in the economy at an accelerating rate. Gallup’s U.S. Economic Confidence Index was -9 for the week ending May 3 — its lowest weekly score since December. This reflects a six-point decline from the previous week, and is the largest week-to-week drop since last July. The survey looks at how people ...

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Amnesty: The Next GOP Leadership Betrayal

House Republican leadership is preparing to betray the base. Again. To illustrate the magnitude of the sellout I was going to use a hypothetical analogy with Democrats and their base. Initially I was going to posit that Sen. Tim Kaine (D–Secular) had changed his mind about abortion. For years Kaine has said that although he’s personally opposed to abortion, he ...

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To win, Republicans should focus on economics

As I have written a number of times here on CDN, the GOP is viewed very negatively by the majority of the American public, especially women, youngsters, and minorities – key demographics that the GOP absolutely must win over to remain a viable party, let alone to win future elections. What is the key to winning their votes? It’s not ...

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Most Americans OPPOSE defense spending cuts

Another leftist myth has been debunked and shown to be a farce: the myth that a majority of Americans support deep defense spending cuts. You may remember, folks, that last year, the University of Maryland and the extremely leftist “Center for Public Integrity” commissioned a rigged poll which claimed that 66% of Americans supported cutting defense spending to the tune ...

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Gallup pushes socialist agenda in survey

gallup post pushes marxist ideals

On Wednesday, Gallup published the results of their regular wealth distribution poll. While the survey does point to a country slowly ceding to socialism, the editorializing in the article puts Gallup in-danger of looking like a propaganda outlet. Inequality is and will continue to be one of the most important domestic political issues. President Barack Obama has consistently pushed for ...

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