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Liberals’ Actions Are Often Contrary To Their Words

Liberals like to shoot off their mouths about how bad, racist, intolerant and sexist America is, especially under the Presidency of Donald Trump, and America is always being accused of mistreating people, with particular attention given to mistreating illegal aliens whom Obama loved to let roam the nation with no controls and no boundaries.

But now Canada is learning that not all of the anti-American bluster was founded on fact. Now that we have a real patriot in the White House who is serious about obeying the law and protecting the American population, many of the illegals assembled here under Obama are high-tailing it north and are testing the ability and willingness of Canadians to accept this deluge.

It almost reminds one of the differing immigration controls that exist between East and West European nations. Germany admits refugees without batting an eye and has experienced horrific terrorist attacks for their kindness, while Poland blocks the entrance of illegals and has had no terrorist attacks. In North America, the United States has been the immigrant-welcoming nation while Canada launched attacks against conservative Americans for wanting controls and checks on those entering our nation.

Now Canada is thinking a little more clearly about this subject. In the presence of the vast number of people who are running from America and heading north to Canada under Donald Trump, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was recently seen making rather defensive statements, such as his considered opinion that the “rule of law” must be followed; about how the government must “protect Canadian citizens”; and insisting that “full security checks” will be made of all who enter Canada from El Salvador, Nicaragua, Haiti, and Honduras. It’s about time liberals came out of their shell and looked around them.

Liberals think that every poor, uneducated person in the world deserves to live in a western, wealthy nation. But the government can’t tax citizens highly enough to provide free healthcare to everyone, just as it cannot provide a free college education to all of its citizens.

While traveling recently, I read an editorial opinion piece in the Des Moines Register which tearfully admitted that Obamacare is failing and will continue to do so, and then the editorial staff blamed Donald Trump for not “fixing Obamacare so it can continue to fail well into the next century and cost untold billions of dollars that the American tax payers must fork over in order to protect the good name and legacy of Barack Obama.

Missing in the piece was any mention of the series of repeated lies that Obama told in order to get Obamacare passed, nor did it mention the intention that Obama’s legacy legislation was intended to fail so the government could take over and nationalize healthcare on the way to burying our constitution and moving America to the ultra left just as the Soviet Russian and Nazi Germany did. Obama, on numerous occasions, said that if someone had a better idea than the Affordable Care Act they should tell him what it is, but he would not even consider listening to a market-based solution, so the Affordable Care Act is what he shoved down our throats.

Liberals, whether the subject is immigration or health care, are unable to think beyond the government taking control of every situation and making things not only worse, but much worse, and much more expensive, than before they tampered with it. What the left lacks is common sense and a market evaluation of how things work, and we’ll keep having one disaster after another as long as liberals rule our government and continue this radical trend.

Justin Trudeau, in his moves to protect Canadians from a dangerous flood of refugees, is about to commit the American crime of being sensible and placing controls on people entering his nation. He’d better be careful. In the present world, clear thinking and responsible decisions are always punished by radical leftists.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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