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Denmark’s Secret Weapon Against Terror

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best ones. Leave it to Denmark to come up with a weapon to defeat terrorism “that no one else has thought of. In Aarhus, Denmark’s second largest city, authorities are using a method referred to by some as the “hug a terrorist” or “hug a jihadi” model of “de-radicalization.”

Why couldn’t anyone in this country come up with this simple solution? Just think of it, if you run into a terrorist looking to cut your head off all you have to do is grab him, give him a big hug and instead of cutting your head off he will hug you back and repent his evil ways. Stupidity is running rampant in this world.

In certain parts of Copenhagen, it is simply too dangerous for Danes to live there. Ethnic Danes feel unsafe there. They can not even sit outside and eat a ham sandwich or set a Danish flag on the table without the risk of being accosted by Muslim gangs. The Danes brought this upon themselves; they have truly invented the PC culture.

Muslims say they hate Denmark and the Danes. And these young Muslims who were born and raised in Denmark. The youths are attracted by radical religious environments and immigrant gangs, where they come together to hate Denmark. But all can be cured if they were all hugged. The Danish people better wake up.

Because of the weakness of the Danish people, Denmark will soon be a Muslim country, that is if they keep on hugging their terrorists. These Muslims have no intention of adopting Western ways, their only purpose is to take over the world on institute Sharia Law and enslave the people who do not convert. My solution is much better I think, a terrorist comes near you, take out a gun and blow his brains out.

This is one man’s opinion.

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