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Democrats See The World Through A Prism Of Race

The unrelenting pressure by Democrats to get Donald Trump removed from office is without equal. Every action and word from a Republican is deemed to have a devious, racist motive and meaning behind it. No matter what Trump says, the leftists make a racial case of it and vehemently attack him and anyone else who supports him and his policies.

Turning the tables on the liberals, Conservatives could make a case of racism directed at ESPN for their fantasy team auction in which black football players are auctioned off to the highest bidder, sort of like a slave auction block in the Old South. But conservatives are too sensible and know that ESPN did not mean any such thing with their online fantasy team auction.

But just let President Trump say that all violent contributors to the Charlottesville murder are equally bad and equally condemned by him, and the “R” word is used by every liberal talking head in sight. Liberals are absolutely going insane following Hillary‘s presidential loss, and the loss of a majority in the Senate last November.

There is no event occurring in America today that doesn’t have racial meaning to Democrats. And just as the squawking liberals lost the public argument by illogically blaming Ronald Reagan for the spread of AIDS in the 80s, so will liberals and Democrats lose the current battle for the public’s heart by resorting to charges of racism when trying to politically injure Donald Trump.

It takes courage to be a conservative today, but we will win the battle for America’s constitutional liberties, and Democrats will lose more elections as their deranged actions drive sensible people away from the Democrat Party.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. It is not the democratic return to Congress and the White House which I fear, but the return of radical leftists to the executive, judicial and legislative branches of government. We barely dodged a bullet in the last 8 years. Can we withstand another onslaught? I don’t see it. We must dig our heels in now! The time for understanding and patience is over.

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