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Confederates Fight Back

Let’s face it, pretty much everything the Left does they do to divide the country not unite it. With the crazies running wild again, this time trying to tear down and erase our history, many of them are saying it is to heal and unite the country. Well, as usual, the Left has it all wrong and they are pushing us closer to another Civil War.

In a recent survey 67% of those surveyed said they wanted the Confederate statues to remain, 27% thought they should be removed. If someone is a white supremacist or Nazi, they will be one with or without a statue of Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson or any Confederate soldier. As a matter of fact by tearing down these statues it would only make them more angered, you can bet on that.

We now see proof, the owner of Alabama Flag & Banner, said that sales surged for Confederate flags after the violent protests two weeks ago in Charlottesville. “Everybody’s got a different reason [for buying Confederate flags], by and large, I think people are afraid they may not be able to get it one day.” says store owner Belinda Kennedy. Ms. Kennedy’s shop became the go-to manufacturer for hundreds of smaller U.S. retailers. The store’s online orders also boomed.

“Does anybody really think by taking down monuments and renaming mountains and taking down Confederate flags, that we are really going to see racism end? That’s not going to fix it. That comes from inside of people,” Ms. Kennedy also said.

In another push back, a monument called “Unknown Alabama Confederate Soldiers” has been unveiled in southern Alabama. The Daughters of the Confederacy and the Sons of Confederate Veterans attended the ceremony, along with re-enactors dressed in period clothing. David Coggins is the memorial park’s owner and developer. He says, “the groups aren’t white nationalists or racists, but are acknowledging their heritage and honoring Confederate soldiers everywhere.”

Trying to erase history and pretending it never happened is idiotic, not to mention just plain wrong. It starts with statues, flags next is books and then people, it has happened before and it could happen again if we are not careful.

I read that they might start taking down statues of one of my favorite presidents, Andrew Jackson because they find him offensive. I have a message for those people, if you find him so offensive, you need to start sending me all your twenty dollar bills, I don’t find him offensive at all.

This is one man’s opinion.


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