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Anticipating CNN’s Sunday Morning Hurricane Harvey Report

Here is the lying text that I expect CNN to start their day with on Sunday, August 27th:

Yesterday, Saturday, August 26th, the specter of Global Warming/Climate Change slammed into southern Texas with a 500-year hurricane that will set records for years to come for its destructive power and as proof that the world is coming to an end right before our eyes, because Donald Trump took America out of the Paris Climate talks, and began backing out environmental regulations that the EPA had enacted during the Obama administration.

The racist and Russia-colluding Trump administration was totally unprepared for this event, and FEMA failed at every turn to provide for the saving of lives and the protection of property, as did the Texas Republican governor fail the citizens of Texas. In fact, all Republicans are at fault for this act of nature, just because they are Republicans and racists.

We hear reports that President Trump is Tweeting status statements about the devastation in Houston and is informing us that he will travel to the flooded area this coming week to have a personal look. But if he cared about the suffering going on there he would get on Air Force One immediately and be there to assist with the recovery. But of course, if he flies to Houston today we will accuse him of grand-standing, getting in the way of recovery attempts and seeking attention, so we’ve pretty much got him right where we want him: damned if he does, and damned if he doesn’t.

It’s possible that CNN and other far-left agencies will just report the news and not indict the Trump administration for any destruction that the storm did, but I expect them to try real hard to make President Trump look like he didn’t care about Texas, and I also expect that Al Gore and his radical environmental buddies will take this opportunity to squawk about Paris and make claims along the line that this strong storm is indeed being caused by Trump’s rejection of severe and punitive environmental regulations.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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