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Annual Civil War Re-enactment cancelled due to #WarOnStatues

The War on Statues has taken another casualty – the Manassas, Virginia annual Civil War Re-Enactment.

The extreme left’s fear of inanimate objects has pushed cities and towns to pull century-old monuments from their pedestals at a lightning pace. City and state leaders across the nation are now referring to confederate statues as “lightning rods for discontent.”

On Friday, A Morganton, NC man was arrested after he assaulted a group of civil war re-enactors in with pepper spray at a civil war reunion event.

NPD also confirmed Smith had a Smith & Wesson .38 caliber revolver and a concealed carry permit, in addition to a small canister of pepper spray, according to the release.

Two victims were treated for pepper spray exposure by Newton Fire Department and Catawba County Emergency Medical Services, and released at the scene.

Considering this violence in Charlottesville, the childish behavior of the far-left and the pepper spray incident, Manassas felt that their annual civil war battle re-enactment and all of the other events that weekend had to be canceled.

“Recent events have ignited passions in this country surrounding the Civil War and the symbols representing it,” the announcement read. “The City of Manassas is saddened by these events and abhors the violence happening around the country. The City does not wish to further exacerbate the situation. Consequently, Civil War Weekend, which was to be held Aug. 25-27, has been canceled for the safety of our residents, visitors, and reenactors.”

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  1. I am saddened and disgusted that cancelling the re-enactment has been considered necessary in the face of far left threats and violence which in fact appears reminiscent of Mao’s Red Guard during the so called “Cultural Revolution”

    I am not even an American but I have to say that I believe that this episode will be rightly regarded as one of the mot shameful in US History. Those who condoned or participated in these actions will. one day, have to answer for t, if only to their children or grandchildren.

    Removing the Confederate statues (and why isn’t John Brown’s statue in Kansas City or his obelisk at Harper’s Ferry being touched?) will do worse than nothing to rectify the very real problems and injustices. Indeed, it is more likely that it will open new wounds, re-open the old wounds and potentialy drive the real white extremists, who we all rightly despise towards possible terrorist acts. Exactly the opposite effect to what Democrats like Catherine Pugh might have intended.

    I will of course be Conservatives who will have to clean up the mess

  2. Lucas, if the forces of anarchy achieve their goals there won’t be much left to clean up. Under the last administration American Patriots were in a fight for their Constitution, now we are faced with a battle for out Country. I only hope that reason prevails over pugilism.

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