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Press One For English, All Others Hang-up

For years I have been saying we are not doing immigrants any favors by having phone prompts in other languages except for English.

One of the first things an immigrant should do when they get here is to learn the English language. After all, that is the language of America. I have always said that Congress should pass a law making English the official language of the USA.

The Center for Immigration Studies recently published a report showing that of all the immigrants entering the U.S., 41 percent register scores at or below “functional illiteracy,” which is the lowest level of English literacy also known as “below basic.”

But the lowest-percentage group to efficiently speak read and write English are Hispanic immigrants.

See, pressing 2 for Spanish is not helping the Spanish immigrant learn the language of the U.S.A.

Compared with other immigrants from around the world, those coming from Mexico and other Latin American countries are least likely to get by with the minimal language skills to acclimate to American culture. What many do not realize is that an immigrant taking the Citizenship test can request that they take the test in their native language.

Absurd isn’t it?

The problem is that bleeding heart liberals are trying to be accommodating to the immigrants, but in reality, the immigrant is the one being hurt. This country has a big problem with immigrant groups having difficulty assimilating into the American culture, which is not only hurting the immigrant but our country as well.

If you have a Spanish community where everyone speaks Spanish, they read Spanish language newspapers, they watch Spanish language TV, listen to Spanish radio and go to stores with Spanish language signs, it’s no wonder they don’t learn English. In many states, the driving test questions are given in Spanish.

Literacy in English is not just a major problem for those entering the U.S. from over the border, as a significant proportion of Hispanics who have lived in America for a good portion of their lives are illiterate in English as well.”

The problem is that if anyone tries to bring this up or tries to make the rules tougher, they are labeled a bigot and racist.

It’s time to say who cares what they call you and start to do what’s right for America, and more people learning English is not only better for America but better for the immigrant as well.

Bring back common sense to America.

This is one man’s opinion.

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One Comment

  1. I love the way you think!!!! About that “Citizenship Test”….I had an employee that was brought here as a child, once grown she applied for citizenship…she studied to learn branches of government, key persons etc. My staff and I quizzed her off and own for several weeks. Finally THE big day came…She came back very disappointed….She had been given the choice of languages, but then wasn’t asked a single question!!! She took the Oath of Citizenship. In the lobby waiting were Registar of Voters that questioned her signing as a Republican and tried to ‘sell’ her a bill of goods to be a Dem……. NOW in June of 2015 Obama made even the Oath OPTIONAL !!!

    At the pharmacy there is a sign…offering translators for 14 different languages…..THIS IS NO WAY TO RUN A COUNTRY!!

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