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Let’s vote America first in 2018

It’s a sad day in America when simply being patriotic will get you accused of racism, bigotry and not to mention being fascist. It’s become the cardinal sin of the decade to stand up and show some pride in the country we all love so deeply.

How has our republic drifted so far off course? Why has it become so irreprehensible to simply want the best for our country and its citizens?

This goes hand in hand with President Donald Trump‘s America first message that has irritated liberals.  The left seems to think that putting our country and citizens first will end the world. Liberals have categorized those who believe in the America first ideology as people who don’t care about anything but themselves, which is simply not true. As an advocate for America first, I can tell you first hand the people who believe in this message would do anything to further benefit their fellow countrymen, they are however tired of suffering while foreign countries take our jobs and money away.

Let’s send a clear message to our Representatives when the midterm elections in 2018 roll around. Enough bad deals for America. Enough losing 63 billion dollars a year to Mexico, enough losing 347 billion dollars a year to China, let’s do what’s best for OUR country. We won big with Trump in the White House, however, this isn’t close to enough. Congress controls the budget, which means we need to elect Congressional leaders that are willing to make the tough decisions that start benefiting the citizens of our own country. Because let’s face it, if we don’t take action soon, our country will be so depleted from bad trade deals it may be too late to recover. Keep this in mind voters, let’s take action and vote for Representatives who will advance the America First agenda in 2018.

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Brady Kenyon

Brady is a contributing writer for Conservative Daily News.

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  1. You’re on the right track with this, Brady. Campaigns are already underway with those up for re-election. Time is short to find ‘replacement’ parts if your legislator isn’t doing the job. This means ‘get busy’ takes on new meaning. And along the way we will need to teach many what it really is to be an American rather than a ‘subject’. We’ve reached this point through apathy, ignorance and l-a-z-y-ness. And, oh, yes, greed.

    Being active means to be informed….know the candidate. Do some info search on your own. It’s not enough to simply go to the polls, the ‘activity’ starts as soon as a candidate declares.
    Finances are always a large factor, but never underestimate the need of foot soldiers willing to block walk, hand out flyers, make phone calls etc. Particularly a new candidate will need all the help available. Registering Voters is a BIG deal and easy to do. (Ask local registration office) JOIN a group that favors your candidate…..the power of numbers and knowledge is unbeatable.

    Elections aren’t just for the individual….it’s for the very soul of our Nation.

    Looking forward for more commentary from you.

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