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Where is Fox News’ Jenna Lee going?

Jenna Lee Fox News goodbye

Jenna Lee, co-host of “Happening Now”, announced she was leaving Fox News on Friday after 10 years with the network. But where is the news anchor going?

She offered few hints in her goodbye as to where she might be headed, but it appears that it is journalistic in nature. “I love being a journalist,” Jenna said.  “And I have some really big ideas on how to better serve you.”

On her Twitter account, Lee recently posted a video that appears to be the first in a series she calls “Adventures of a New Mom” that her followers keep up with through the hashtag #AdventuresOfANewMom. The video is a documentary-style story of a shark-diving trip she took to South Africa and may be the first taste of her new project.


At the end of the video, she says, “I hope you come with me on my next adventure,” further hinting that Jenna’s next gig will look a lot like this story. Whether she has a contract with Travel Channel, History or National Geographic is unknown. But if the content is strong enough, top Youtubers pull in millions of dollars annually should she decide to go independent.

I doubt she’s planning a Jacque Cousteau redux, but quality travel shows do very well. We’ll just have to wait until something more formal is announced and wish her luck in her future endeavor.

Whether Jon Scott will host “Happening Now” solo or take on another co-host is also unknown and it likely won’t be clear until Monday’s airing.

Those wanting to keep up with Jenna can do so on her Twitter feed HERE.

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  1. It became obvious very quickly that the FNC executives did not have ANY contingency plans in place when Bill O’Reilly was booted. Shame on them! These so-called media experts who rake in millions apparently sit in their NYC and LA offices doing nothing and not held accountable – it’s only when ratings start to tank that they try to cobble together a line-up and then cross their fingers that it works.
    Although I’m not in broadcasting or journalism I am a really good critic 🙂 – and I’ve been a loyal FNC and FBN viewer for almost 20 years. I’ve also worked in a large, global corporation who is a leader in its field to know that change is inevitable and whether the change is proactive or is reactive you must have plans to manage both OR expect to fall on your face! In my opinion, when Bill O left, the lineup should not have changed- FNC contributors and co-hosts of other FNC shows could have continued The Factor brand (unless anything related to Bill O had to be removed for legal reasons) and format. I totally agree that the current line up is not working and it’s obvious! The Specialists is hard to watch-Eric Boling, Ebony and Kat have no synergy or flow. As noted, they talk over each other throughout the show. I’ve noticed some “Specialists” (the 2 daily guests) not saying much of anything- that’s not why they’re there! Each host is talented in their own right – they just don’t work as a team. Boling should have stayed with The Five and it should have remained in the 5pm slot. Kat is great on the GG show-witty, edgy and a great commentator -she’s my fave (I do miss Joann!) EKW is a great legal commentator/political analyst-loved her on The Factor and Outnumbered. Tucker Carlson should have remained at 9pm – as you noted the flow of the line up from 5-10pm is not smooth and most of all this would have been avoided with better planning and not knee jerk reaction following the departure of Ailes and O’Reilly (I’m not including Megyn Kelly – her departure was not a loss of any significance in my opinion-many FNC viewers were glad she left for obvious reasons. Greta Van Susteren leaving was a definite negative – she is a good journalist and always had interesting and knowledgeable commentators/guests). I’m great fan of Harris Falkner and do not understand why she is not hosting a M-F program! She could have easily moved to The Factor (yes, a BF in prime time!) and done a great job – she was great hosting on Saturday evening. She’s great on Outnumbered but is so capable of a much larger role. FOX: Hello. Change can be a good thing, but all change is not necessarily good – it’s how it’s done that matters!
    To the FOX Executives: along with all of the other positions you’re trying to fill to keep your shows and programs functioning (producers, writers, etc. – Have any of you asked your Talent Acquisition team why all the openings?) hire some folks who are SMEs in crisis management before things get any worse – FNC is too great a network with extremely loyal viewers to continue down the road you’re taking it. FNC is the only “fair and balanced” network and that moniker is its greatest assets.

    1. You absolutely nailed it. You have obviously given this a lot of thought.

      1. When I found this website and the article about Rupert Murdoch’s meeting with FNC staff and how the current line-up (post Bill O) is causing the network to lose viewers I was so pleased that someone else shared my same thoughts/critic. I had to speak my mind. I’m also a news/political junkie and a conservative. I’ve been around long enough to have witnessed the decline of fair and objective reporting by the MSM – that’s why FOX was formed by Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch. And thank goodness they did and it has been successful for 20 years. (Not commenting on Ailes’ or Bill O’s terminations – thoughts for another post. In my professional life/career I investigate charges of discrimination, sexual harassment, etc.)
        Whether or not my comments and suggestions or those of others reach any FOX exec we’ll have to wait and see. Hopefully they’ve hired staff to monitor social media comments – unless they all resigned!

    2. mostly agree. The visual effect of the 5 makes them look too separated and lacks a sense of good communication they might as well be in separate rooms. my vote is more time for Dana and Harris

  2. Completely agree. Would love to see Liberal Sheperd Smith go, along with his unsolicited opinions. Eric Boling best with the Five.

  3. Why didn’t they just let Hannity take the Factor? Now, Tucker is good and I watch him quite often; not a bad choice IMHO. Jenna Lee was one of my favorites also along with that girl that did the show “first 100 days” – can’t think of her name right now, but that show was great. Was that Jenna? Oh well, everyone knows that Fox has a big closet full of beautiful, intelligent women, and they can just pull a new one out when they need one. It’s called Fox, not dog, for a reason. 🙂 Just joking.

  4. I agree with Deborah in all except her comment about Kat being good. Kat was ok on the late night silly greg gutfeld show but shes rude and obnoxious on the specialists. Bolling should have gitten his own show. Maybe a hannity and colmes type format (but not with juan willuams – if juan comes on, the tv gets turned off). Geraldo same thing.

  5. It was a huge mistake taking Bill O’Reilly off the network as well as Greta, big mistake. The lineup for Fox News doesn’t flow and I do not like the Specialist. Eric Bowling should have stayed on the Five and Tucker should have stayed in his time frame .Everything seems so out of place since The Five went to 9 o’clock and Eric is no longer with them. Wish they would change it back and get rid of the Specialist, not a good show I think.

  6. The Five has not been as good as it could have been. The 2 type A people dominated with a very poor Hannity and Colmes redux and the more intelligent other 3 relegated to being sidelined is not good. Now with Jesse Waters who is not up to the job and Juan Williams who believes do not use 10 words when you can use 100 words leaves me wishing I could hear more from KG , Dana and Greg. Why is Fox so determined to bring back Hannity and Colmes redux? Long story short The Five would be better as The Three.

  7. Suggestion to Fox- Make a concerted effort to report the positive things happening in President Trump’s tenure. Stop constantly reporting on the Democrat actions and the MSM ‘s pro Democrat reporting. When the media leave the political arena as referees and become cheerleaders, all reporting should be considered “fake”. Lead the reporting instead of responding.

  8. Eric should have his own show. Intelligent, knowledgeble, experienced, etc. Bring back Hannity to 9PM. Put the five back where it was and do away with the specialist show. Leave Tucker where he is. Also, find some smart ladies who are not blond and wear appropriate business clothes!

  9. I tend to disagree. I don’t think Bill O’Reilly was that great. He was very liberal on certain issues. I also don’t think Greta was irreplaceable. Wasn’t big on Jenna either. I was more sad to see Juliett Huddy and Dennis Michael Lynch go. Dennis could have been a Fox host, but they dropped him as a guest. I do wish all of them well.

  10. The Specialist is TERRIBLE!! Can’t watch. Love Waters. Tucker OK. New schedule – lousy!
    FOX come on. You can do better

  11. Evening news shows need to be serious and sharp. The earlier shows need to build, the later shows allowed to be more edgy, and the middle show to be a strong tie. At LEAST put The Five back at five o’clock, with the original four members plus a revolving seat that includes Juan Williams. Continue with Bret Bair at 6, keeping it’s accurate, mostly no-nonsense reporting and informing with excellent panels. Move Tucker and Sean back to 9 and 10 pm, respectively, so they can continue their brazen, even harsh dynamics up to but not crossing the point of ridicule. Make METICULOUS and INTENSE efforts in filling the 8 o’clock slot with a very sharp, strong, straight talking but not harsh -or sleepy- host (no offense to excellent journalists currently and formerly employed at Fox). Martha is great, and classy… just not the best fit in the evening after a long day and already re-hashed news… and I know you all must know this. Need fresh, strong, O’Reilly-type reporting/hosting, with just a shade less ego and sass at 8 pm to properly strengthen and bridge that gap, maintain credibility, and ensure optimal flow for the evening. The Specialists- how quickly can you put it out of everyone’s misery. Best of luck to Jenna Lee. Thank you sincerely.

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