Man Runs Amok Over Onions on Food, Threatens to Shoot Restaurant Staff

A disgruntled customer at a Pittsburgh area restaurant slipped the chain earlier this week and ran amok over his anger at being served onions with his meal.

Staff at the All India Restaurant received an unpleasant surprise when 43-year-old Yuba Sharma went off the deep end and showed up drunk at the All India Restaurant in the suburb of Oakwood, Pennsylvania earlier this week.

The man expressed his anger that during his visit to the eatery the previous day and was incensed that his food contained onions.

Sharma then went on to threaten the staff, threatening to shoot the owner and then dropped his pants and exposed himself to the All India workers who called the police.

Pittsburgh CBS Affiliate KDKA 2 is reporting “Police: Man Angry Over Onions On His Food, Exposes Himself, Threatens To Shoot Restaurant Staff”:

A man is facing charges after police say he threatened the lives of employees at a restaurant in North Oakland because they put onions on his food.

Police say Yuba Sharma was arrested Tuesday night outside of All India restaurant on North Craig Street.

According to the criminal complaint, the owner told police Sharma had been at the restaurant the day before and was “acting belligerent.” So, when he returned Tuesday, and appeared to be intoxicated, the owner told him he was not welcome.

Investigators say Sharma refused multiple times to leave, and then threatened to shoot the owner and reached for his pants pocket. That’s when the owner called police.

While they were waiting, another staff member joined the owner and that’s when they say Sharma pulled down his pants and exposed himself.

When police arrived on the scene, officers said Sharma smelled of alcohol, had blood shot eyes, was slurring his speech, couldn’t maintain his balance and was speaking nonsense.

The criminal complaint reports he eventually told officers he got into an argument with the restaurant staff because of the onions on his food.

This story should serve as a warning that you never know what kind of dangerous freak may be standing next to you in the buffet line or sitting at the next table.

While this may be shocking to some, Mr. Sharma has a long history of public drunkenness as would probably benefit from an extended stay at the iron bar hotel to dry out.

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