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Leftist group violently attacks in Portland; 14 arrested

At least 14 were arrested as militant leftist groups attacked pro-Trump supporters in Portland, Oregon.

A previously planned conservative event was interrupted when ANTIFA and other liberal-friendly guerrillas attacked them with bottles, bricks and more. Police were quick to intervene.

ANTIFA, short for anti-fascism, is an extremist liberal group that uses violence and intimidation to shut down the voices of those who disagree with their political views – the irony is indeed lost on them.

Police were able to stop one ANTIFA member who had intended to throw bricks at conservatives from a rooftop – a potentially lethal tactic.

The fascistic ANTIFA members dress in all black and wear masks to hide their identities in an obvious admission of guilt as the innocent have nothing to hide.

ANTIFA is a fascist, hate-mongering group with only one end goal – shut down free speech.

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Rich Mitchell

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  1. Humans are ‘pack’ creatures and the need to ‘belong’ is in all of us. Unfortunately, some will never ‘belong’ no matter how many groups the ‘join’. They will be USED as soldiers for the army of hate and destruction until they replace their emptiness with the same hate…take away the hate and they are hollow shells.
    NO, I don’t have empathy for them….but knowing a enemy offers an advantage. Sometimes it takes hitting them between the eyes to get their attention, in other words “Fight fire with fire” before it spreads.

  2. We need to take out the core inciters, the psychotics behind all of this ; the Jtards. THEY are the baboons who insist on riling up our youth and USING them to fight their battles [White annihilation]. When every last Jscum is deported, America WILL BE GREAT AGAIN !!.

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