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The “Fundamental Transformation Of America” Ended Yesterday

Say what you will about Donald Trump, but he makes decisions that are based on facts and current conditions – not on the praise or abuse he gets from the Washington establishment or the leftist press. His decision to get out of the Paris Climate scam yesterday was the right thing to do and will help America get back to the business of business quickly.

Our lying, leftist press cannot possibly be more abusive of our president than they are each and every day, so one could argue that they brought on President Trump’s decision by their unending criticism of him for even drawing breath.  And it would not surprise a thinking person if the leaders of many nations in the world who are currently lined up like unthinking lemmings in favor of the Paris Climate Accord, began to join America by rejecting government domination and control of their citizens’ lives, and take up the banner of freedom and prosperity that Donald is waving so bravely.

Liberals are dictators and absolutists, whereas President Trump is a small-(d) Democrat who believes in inclusiveness. Obama and his leftist pals in the EPA outlawed coal, destroying that industry, and placed severe restrictions on oil which added to the costs of driving and commuting to work for millions of Americans. At the same time they were destroying America’s traditional energy industries, America’s liberals were subsidizing the wind and solar industries (one might recall that Solyndra went broke even after Obama gave them millions of dollars in exchange for them returning millions of these same dollars in the form of donations to his campaign treasure chest) and pretending that these new, inefficient energy producers were set to become profitable and would change the world, which of course was the opposite of the truth. There will come a time when these industries will have technology and a delivery system that will make them practical and profitable, but that time has not yet arrived and will likely not be seen in our lifetimes.

I knew that one day Obama’s promise to “fundamentally transform America” would come back to bite his skinny butt, and yesterday it happened. The first day of June will be the capitalists’ equivalent of the communists’ May Day, and a great day it was for anyone interested in freedom and national sovereignty.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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