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Frumpy Al Franken Becomes a Rising Star of the Anti-Trump Movement

Former Saturday Night Live cast member and current Democrat Senator Al Franken has seen his profile rising because of the left’s war on President Donald Trump.

The mush-mouthed Minnesotan played a key role during the disgraceful Senate confirmation hearings of Trump appointees and Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch and despite the Dems losing all of those battles, Franken has emerged as a star.

One of his obstructionist colleagues praised Franken’s harassment of the nominees: “During the Sessions confirmation hearing, Franken was a hero to me,” says Sen. Cory Booker. “He’s like a bloodhound. Once he’s got a scent, he’s going to keep coming and coming and coming.”.

Balancing his workload as one of the members of the team of Dems engaging in sedition by working diligently to reverse the results of the lost election with his personal affairs, the frumpy, bespectacled senator has capitalized on the left’s anti-Trump vitriol to write a memoir which will surely sell like hotcakes to the legions of schmucks and suckers.

The book, entitled Al Franken, Giant of the Senate, has just been released and the senator is busily lining up a promotional tour although he has been forced into dumping demented Kathy Griffin from a stop in Beverly Hills after the release of the ISIS propaganda picture of her holding a replica of the president’s bloody head. At first Franken attempted to defend Griffin but as the pressure mounted, he moved with lightning fast speed to throw her under the bus.

Franken has been active in recent days in hyping the Washington Post’s fake news story that Jared Kushner had been trying to establish backchannel communications with the Russians during the transition period – not an uncommon practice – as proof that President Trump is controlled by Putin.

For his efforts, the “giant of the Senate” is the subject of a glowing hagiography by liberal rag Rolling Stone in which Franken makes some interesting revelations including that he is a “deadhead” who has dropped LSD. The use of the drug would seemingly explain a good deal of Stuart Smalley’s bizarre behavior which could possibly be the result of acid flashbacks.

From Rolling Stone’s “Al Franken: The Happy Warrior”:

With C-SPAN as his new stage, Franken has weaponized the gifts that proved so useful for comedy – a sharp eye, a sharper tongue, the ability to tease out the essential absurdity of a given situation and deliver the goods with maximum impact – within the target-rich environment that is the Trump administration..


En route to lunch, a Grateful Dead song comes on the radio. “Want to turn that up a little?” Franken calls up to the front seat. Actually, let me amend that: Grateful Dead songs have never stopped playing in the SUV during our drives around Minnesota, because, per Franken mandate, and to the endless consternation of his staff, the satellite radio in his official vehicles is always tuned to SiriusXM’s 24/7 Dead channel.


By the time Franken left Harvard in 1973, he and Davis, a buddy from high school, had already been writing comedy sketches for years. They loved Carson, Pryor, George Carlin, Woody Allen, the Smothers Brothers and, most of all, the dry comic duo Bob Elliott and Ray Goulding. They also loved acid and the Grateful Dead, and their own act would essentially build on the scaffolding of classic Bob and Ray routines – deadpan, leisurely paced character work, in which either member of the team might play the straight man or the clown – with a shaggier dope-smoker’s sensibility more reflective of their own generation.

Once a magazine that did actual respectable journalism – albeit with a liberal slant – Rolling Stone now serves as a de facto propaganda arm of the DNC. There are the occasional tributes to dead rock icons but the publication now targets a new generation and has thoroughly discredited itself with bogus college rape stories and fawning articles about Democratic Party politicians – like Al Franken.

One thing however remains consistent. Since its inception, Rolling Stone has glorified drug use and showered high praise on degenerate dopers, Franken’s admission of being a red diaper doper baby is a prefect combination of all that the rag has come to stand for.

Some other jewels from the Rolling Stone story:

On Franken’s speech before the flaming liberal Anti-Defamation League (ADL):

When Franken steps to the podium, he calls McCain “one of the best gentile senators,” and from that point has the crowd in his hand. He tears into the Trump campaign for trafficking in anti-Semitic imagery – “Protocols of the Elders of Zion stuff” – and chokes up as he recounts a rural Minnesota high school graduation he attended in which the class speaker was of Somali descent and wearing a hijab. He also pushes back against a questioner who attacks the Obama administration’s Iran deal and, noting that the new ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, once called him a clown, points out, “There are people who revere clowns!”

On his Saturday Night Live career:

In the foreword to Giant of the Senate, Franken describes his journey into politics as “the story of how, after spending a lifetime learning to be funny, I learned how not to be funny.” In the latter half of the 1970s he was part of the freshman class of SNL, where he very publicly inhaled (“I only did cocaine to stay awake to make sure nobody else did too much cocaine,” Franken quipped in James Andrew Miller and Tom Shales’ oral history Live From New York) and wrote jokes that, decontextualized, might not play in Lake Wobegon.

Franken had also garnered a prickly reputation. A 1995 New York article describes a blowup on cast member Janeane Garofalo, who made the rookie mistake of attempting to memorize her part and ended up flubbing a line in rehearsal. According to a witness, “Al went shithouse. ‘Read the fucking cue cards!’ ”

On his early political career:

The state’s Republicans attempted to paint Franken “as a short-tempered carpetbagger.” When his career as a comedy writer came up, Franken trained himself to patiently reassure dubious Minnesotans he wouldn’t prove a national embarrassment, but his every instinct made him want to explain why those old jokes were funny. Schumer tried to pressure him to apologize for a satirical article he wrote for Playboy called “Porn-O-Rama,” which the GOP called “demeaning and degrading” to women. Franken balked, insisting that to apologize “felt like a betrayal of myself.”

On the aftermath of Hillary’s election loss:

He attended Trump’s inauguration, which he describes in his admirably incautious new memoir, Al Franken, Giant of the Senate, as “perhaps the most depressing moment I’ve had since I entered politics, though that record has been repeatedly surpassed since January 20.”

While firmly rejecting any interest in running, Franken holds out hope for an electoral backlash against Trumpism in the midterms and beyond. “But right now,” he continues, “we’ve got too much happening at this moment to worry about ’18 or ’20.”

That Al Franken has emerged as a “leader” figure to the Democratic Party only further illustrates the serious nature of the trouble that they are in. Take is straight from the horse’s mouth: “we’ve got too much happening at this moment to worry about ’18 or ’20.”

Simply put, the Democrats have no real policies other than being anti-Trump and this isn’t going to sell well to mainstream America come election day.

Franken also wrote the book Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot. Perhaps he can follow-up Giant of the Senate with an humorous autopsy of the soon to be defunct Democratic Party after they are Trumpslided in 2020.

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