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First Total Solar Eclipse Visible in U.S. in 38 years to Hit August 21st [Map]

The first total eclipse of the sun in 38 years predicted to cross the United States is expected to do so on August 21, 2017.

NASA has released a map showing the path where totality will be visible.

NASA total eclipse 2017 map

14 states are expected to be underneath the 70-mile wide total eclipse viewing area as it crosses from Oregon to South Carolina on that Monday.

Check out NASA’s detailed maps of each state the eclipse will touch to find a viewing location near you.

Get all the latest news on the total eclipse HERE Including the 2024 Eclipse Map!

CDN will post available live streams from across the nation HERE.

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If you plan to view the eclipse directly, here are the ISO/CE certified eclipse glasses and solar viewing kits that meet NASA’s recommendations.

Update: NASA has released safety tips for viewing the eclipse HERE.

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  1. I live in lake charles louisiana, what time is the viewing and should I keep my dog inside?

  2. Around what time in New Hampshire? Thanks.

  3. What time in Connecticut and what will see

  4. I’m in Staunton Virginia what will I see and what time should I be watching?

  5. New albany, ms USA. What is the optimal time to view?
    I saw one in the 70’s while in grade school.
    Would love to share with my associates at work.

    • You’re going to be in the 90% totality area so you should get a good show between 1:15 PM and 1:45 PM Central Time according to NASA’s map. Be ready a bit early and plan to stay a little late. It’s a rare event. If you can make the drive to Nashville, you will experience a 100% total solar eclipse. Might just be worth a day off!

  6. I live in central Texas….will my grandsons and I be able to see any of it???

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