Another Bad Omen for Democrats as Jon Ossoff Chickens Out of CNN Debate

Democrats may not yet be in panic mode over the race for the House seat in Georgia vacated by Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price but it may be coming soon.

Rather than take the time to formulate a set of policies that could appeal to a larger demographic outside of radical leftists and a myriad of identity groups with grievances, the Democrats have bet the farm that being anti-Trump will be a winning strategy in next year’s midterm elections.

While this questionable idea is still in the early stages, it has all of the makings of a monumental strategic blunder according to early results in a series of special elections.

The blue jackass party has been seeking one upset win in a traditionally Republican district to kickstart the media narrative that the country has turned against the new POTUS.

The canaries in the coal mine started chirping after the punch in the gut delivered by Republican Greg Gianforte in the Montana special election against faux cowboy Rob Quist. This setback followed an earlier defeat in Kansas in the race for CIA Director Mike Pompeo’s empty seat.

Now the Democrats last and best hope is that inexperienced Star Wars geek Jon Ossoff will be able to wrestle control of the 6th Congressional District from the GOP. The resources have been pouring into Ossoff’s campaign but the creepy activist filmmaker is a terrible candidate.

Now in a bit of news that could be a seriously bad omen for the Democrats, Ossoff has refused to participate in a  CNN debate with Republican opponent Karen Handel.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution“Democrat Jon Ossoff declines a 6th District debate on CNN”:

Democrat Jon Ossoff has declined to take a series of 6th District debates with Republican Karen Handel to the national stage, confirming Sunday that he will not participate in a June 13 Atlanta Press Club debate that CNN had proposed to broadcast.

That means the only likely televised comparisons between the two candidates for the nationally watched congressional race will occur this week: Tuesday on WSB-TV and Thursday on WABE-TV/PBA 30, an Atlanta-based PBS station. A June 15 debate on WSB Radio that’s co-hosted by the North Fulton Chamber remains a possibility.

APC President Lauri Strauss confirmed Ossoff’s decision to skip the CNN debate. Ossoff spokeswoman Amy Messner said in a statement sent to CNN that the campaign had committed only to debates moderated by “the metro Atlanta press corps.”

Ossoff and Handel both attended more than a dozen forums and debates in the runup to the April 18 vote. Since then, the two campaigns have struggled to agree on the timing and scheduling of their one-on-one forums.

Each side has tried to use the scheduling of debates to score points.


Handel supporters were quick to seize on Ossoff’s decision to skip the CNN debate.

“Ossoff still isn’t ready for prime time. Maybe if CNN lets him dress in ‘Star Wars’ attire he’ll reconsider?” tweeted Southern Region Young Republicans, referring to a video of Ossoff dressed as Han Solo from his college days.

Ossoff’s strategy has been to keep his personal message local, concentrating on federal spending and economic development. The Democrat has left it to others, including high-spending super PACs, to characterize his campaign as a protest against the administration of President Donald Trump.

Definitely NOT ready for prime time and like the singing socialist cowboy in Montana, a total creation of the national Democratic party.

Ossoff has been plagued by a series of amateurish blunders throughout his campaign

He chose to accept the assistance of far-left Hollywood stars including the foul-mouthed Samuel L. Jackson aka “Mr. Motherf**ker” in order to appeal to voters. Jackson’s profanity and generous use of the inflammatory racial pejorative the “N word” is hardly fit for the general public. It’s hard to see how this could possibly sell well in a historically conservative district.

To top it off, Ossoff doesn’t even live in the 6th district and had to scramble to propose to his longtime girlfriend after being questioned by the media about the relationship after blaming her studies at Emory University as a reason for his choice of residence.

He has also struggled to gain traction with any kind of a coherent message outside of being against President Trump and babbling about conspiracy theories involving Russia.

The killer could be his decision to bypass the debate which makes him look like a chicken content to let the national party do his dirty work for him while keeping a low profile.

The CNN debate was an opportunity for Ossoff to get national publicity and it’s rather strange that with the high stakes of the runoff election that he would decline to do so.

The decision could come back to haunt Democrats come June 20th and if Ossoff loses, it will be clear that the anti-Trump mojo isn’t working and that the Dems have pissed away the last seven months on yet another failed strategy.

Albert Einstein must have had today’s Democratic Party in mind when he famously remarked that “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” which is a recipe for electoral doom in 2018 and beyond.

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