Gianforte wins Montana special election

With 43% of return counted, Greg Gianforte took a more than 6% lead over nude dude rancher Rob Quist in his bid to become the only U.S. House representative for the Big Sky State – it was a lead he never gave back.

The Republican who put a WWE finishing move on an annoying reporter from the EU’s the Guardian, took the win in heavily conservative Montana 50-44%.

Gianforte was forced to push a metrosexual reporter to the ground just a day ago after the Guardian employee broke into his private office and disrupted an in-progress interview.

While New York, Chicago and Los Angeles media will likely gasp and get nasty, the rest of American might decide that reporters need to get more polite, more truthful and more relevant or perhaps they deserve what they get.

Greg Gianforte dismissed Ben Jacobs after he barged into a setup Fox News interview with Alicia Acunes. Gianforte asked Jacobs to leave. He then told him to speak to his press agent. Upon refusing and further shoving his phone in Gianforte’s face, he received an “ole fashioned Montana ass-whoopin’.”

Democrats were hoping that the Guardian reporter’s actions would be ignored with people only focusing on Gianforte’s body slam – they were wrong.

Montanans don’t understand D.C. wimpiness and D.C. doesn’t understand them – a feeling shared by most of middle-America. That is why 2018 may not be the Democrat takeover they believe it will be.

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Rich Mitchell

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One Comment

  1. Greg stepped up like a man and admitted he’d made a mistake (I disagree – Ben got his LYING ass in a jam – on purpose I believe) he cannot take back and apologized publicly to Ben Jacobs (the brit-twit who needs to GO HOME!!). That would be Greg.

    What happened on Wednesday was a mere microcosm of what many of use all o9ver the Nation see as a viral attack of false witnessing arrogant ‘authority” to tell us whT we think and an all out Propaganda attack on GOOD, Middle Class Americans and our AMERICANIST Values. They attack our President – telling us he is destroying our Nation – no he is destroying their IMAGINED America – our elected representatives and the virtues we value!!! THEY are our enemies, the Enbemies of the TRUTH and of justice!

    We have had enough. Trump is President because of US!! Not the Russians1 Got it NYT WaPo CNN and NBC?! When you accuse Trump of getting Russian help to get elected you INSULT me PERSONALLI!!!!!!

    So when an Americanist Montanan tries to grab a phone recorder shoved in his face and winds up on the floor (no one know what really happened because it happened so fast that the details conveyed by so-called witnesses could not be certain of WHAT they saw) I’m jacking my fist saying YEAH! Knock
    ’em down, Greg!! And don’t apologize!

    But Greg has a lot more class then I do, so….

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