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The Changes In Our Nation Are Frightening To Think About

It’s interesting to reflect on how our nation has changed in the last 50 years. There was a time when we thought of our nation as being united to protect our liberties and to fight foreign foes like Nazis and Communists. But now, after successfully defeating these evils, we find ourselves fighting each other while our foreign foes do pretty much what they want to do without the objection of the United States.

I blame this internal division on events that climaxed with Barack Obama’s stated objective of “fundamentally transforming America”. Now the citizens of America who love and respect this great nation, its constitution and its ability to make everyone willing to work a full member of the middle class, are criticized as being fascists and are attacked on college campuses. On the other side of this equation we have those Americans who hate America and agree with Obama about wanting to fundamentally change it, and these persons are treated as wise and are celebrated as being heroes by the liberal press.

The Democrats demonstrate more hate and objection for President Donald Trump than they do our enemies in North Korean and Iran, both of whom have sworn to destroy America and its citizens. And Obama had to be brought kicking and screaming to a point where he pretended to oppose ISIS, and then he lessened their perceived threat by calling them a JV team, not a force to be feared.

Caring more for their own power and influence than for the protection of their fellow citizens, and disregarding their sworn duty to defend the constitution, elected Democrats are fighting President Trump’s every attempt to protect our nation from terrorism and from a nuclear attack, and the liberal press acts as their cheering squad in this anti-American behavior. When President Trump tries to fight terrorism, the Democrats and their buddies in the press, and more recently their liberal allies in black robes, fight Trump and his administration as though he were the enemy, not the one trying to keep us a free and prosperous nation in a new and dangerous world.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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