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Fox News Ratings Continue Slide with Murdoch Kids in Control

Fox News has lost its dominance in prime-time cable news ratings among a key demographic.

As we reported yesterday, Rupert Murdoch’s liberal children are now running and ruining the Fox News Channel.

We now have another day of week-to-week ratings to review and Fox is still suffering in the prime-time ratings among the prized 25-54 demographic.

First up are Monday’s ratings:

Time SlotCompeting ShowsMay 8 MSNBC RatingMay 8 FNC Rating
4pLive v. Cavuto268299
5pMTP Daily v. Specialists322279
6pGreta v. Baier252368
7pMathews v. MacCallum344362
8pHayes v. Carlson416455
9pMaddow v. The Five585441
10pO'Donnell v. Hannitry460461
11pWilliams v. Carlson repeat322313

Next up, here are Tuesday’s ratings. It appears that a few changes have occurred:

Time SlotCompeting ShowsMay 9 MSNBC RatingMay 9 FNC Rating
4pWallace v. Cavuto149262
5pChuck Todd(MTP) v. Specialists225312
6pGreta v. Baier341527
7pMathews v. MacCallum505627
8pHayes v. Carlson625727
9pMaddow v. The Five873672
10pO'Donnell v. Hannity716700
11pWilliams v. Baier (repeat)576457

As expected, Cavuto, Baier, and MacCallum all returned to their lead spots. Those are staples that have seen little or no change in style, programming or timeslot. The five continues to struggle against Maddow at 9 pm, but not because it isn’t a good show. It’s in the wrong time slot. ‘The Five” belonged at 5 pm. A good bridge from the daily news grind to the prime-time interview-based commentary. At 9 o’clock it’s a terrible bridge between Carlson’s combative liberal-bash and Hannity’s rough-and-tumble style.

Some changes of note are that instead of running a replay of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” at 11 pm, Fox ran Brett Baier’s headline news show instead. Both shows got a 313 rating.

The 5 pm slot is still a disaster for Fox. The “Fox News Specialists” is not a great show. I actually stopped tuning in after tolerating 3 evenings of the disaster. It’s too combative for 5 pm and doesn’t belong there – if anywhere.

Rupert Murdoch’s children have peed in the bed he made. The former cable news behemoth will struggle until it finds another prime-time ratings monster like Bill O’Reilly. At the moment, that person doesn’t exist.

Lachlan and James Murdoch may be hoping to pull the Fox New audience left. Instead, they are making them leave.

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Rich Mitchell

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  1. Another hit piece against FOX, Mr Murdoch & his sons by a “pretend conservative” who is really a leftist sowing seeds of dissension to break down a PATRIOTIC AMERICA. Your ratings of FOX’s new shows/timeslots are the echoes of fading hopes of hags like Maddow, wimps like Christine Matthews, wuss Don Lemon & Kathy Griffin’s bitch, Anderson. Their futures, & of progressives everywhere, are waning and desperation & screech of their politicians & media (being whipped to a frenzy) is falling on deaf ears. Real Americans arent fooled by anything you conjure & your efforts will be in vain- we are on to you. Get a one-way to VENEZUELA, while there is anything to loot. Take weeping Schumer,Pelosi & the rest with you – your supposed Trump-rage outs you as anti-American scum

    The FIVE will soon rule their timeslot as Kimmy, Dana, Greg, Jessie & Juan will show the world why they were the best show at 5PM or any other timeslot.

    The FOX Specialists
    Bolling was a proven winner on the FIVE. Beautiful, smart, articulate & ballsy Eboni & Kat will take the 5pm timeslot. They need some time to develop a following. Which FOX viewers arent going to love three Tucker Carlsons, who wont let the leftists weasel. These ladies are following Kimmy & Dana on the road to success. If you dont like their “aggressive” style, go watch PABLUM television on CNN or BSNBC. Maybe you need your news prechewed. Within a few weeks, they will be atop their timeslot with ALL demographics, especially the coveted 25-54. Give the show some time to establish an identity. Eric, Eboni & Kat are some of the best of FOX, who is blessed with an overabundance of talent.

    O’reilly & Megan Kelly were not conservatives, but played one for viewership. Good riddance.

    Tucker, Hannity, (a toughened up) Baier & mesmerizing/powerful Martha, are already atop their timeslots. Tough, pro American hosts are the prize of the day & all of FOX is aware of this. Their hosts have picked up their PRO-USA ideals & are more committed to our country- they have seen the WRITING ON THE WALL & the future of USA, as opposed to the folly of Internationalism. Karl Marx, you are now on the ash-heap of Venezuela, DPRK, Cuba & all those champions of totalitarianism.

    You leftists always hated Mr Murdoch, who I credit as THE MAN most responsible for getting Donald Trump elected. I will trust his sons to follow his legacy until/unless I see a New World Order bent to the network. Not going to happen- You can put a fork into the NWO- people see what internationalism does- have you looked at VENEZUELA. NATIONALISM is the ORDER of the day. The promoters of NWO are now in total disarray & do not realize yet, the cause of the collapse of their twisted dreams.

    Come back in a month & let us know about FOX’s ratings- especially THE FIVE & FOX SPECIALISTS. I dare you. It’s not that I just trust FOX, I trust Americans who now see the lying left (media + politicians) for what they are- bloodsuckers/looters.

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