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American Democrats Are Giving Russian Dictators A Bad Name

Just to prove that America, or at least American liberal Democrat politicians, are still influential in the world and trend-setters everywhere, the liberal French politician, Emmanuel Macron, who has won the Presidency of France, is claiming that the Russians have attempted to upset and disrupt his political campaign, just like they did to our Hillary, in her loss to Donald Trump last year.

On this particular point of campaign disruption, one has to pity the poor Russians. For the last 60 years or longer they have made every attempt to destroy American democracy and to “bury us”, as Nikita Khrushchev promised to do, and all the while American Democrats praised and imitated the Communist dictatorships as being the enlightened wave of the future for the entire world and for all of mankind.

Then poor Hillary gets hacked by some bungling fool and the Russians get the blame and are thereafter unable to get a break from the criticism from the American, and now the French left. At some point, western leftist politicians will have to face the fact that they may be going to the well far too often by blaming Russia for their political problems. It’s quite an eye-opener for conservative Americans to see the leftist-inspired, glamorous reputations of murderous, evil Russian dictators being dashed to bits by the same American leftist Democrats who espoused Soviet glory for all those years.

Walter Duranty must be spinning in his well-deserved grave. And his New York Times publishers are strangely silent while the lying, Potemkin empire is being brought down by their American, Democrat fellow-travelers.

And all but forgotten in this “the Russians did it” diatribe coming from leftist politicians is that the leftist administration of Barack Obama employed the Soviet, Communist practice of spying, wire-tapping and eaves-dropping on their political opponents, specifically during the recent Republican campaigns of Donald Trump and Ran Paul, and likely others. Forgotten in this confusion is the corruption that accompanies this practice of spying that the Democrats have always associated with Richard Nixon, but is now part of the anti-American left, as practiced by the Democrat Party of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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