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What Happened To The Trump/Russia Conspiracy?

It seems like only yesterday that the Democrats, headed by Democrat House member “Shifty” Adam Schiff, were about to nail Donald Trump to a cross by uncovering solid evidence that he and his staff had collaborated with Russia to undermine Hillary’s campaign and to negatively impact the last presidential election.

But now it’s been some time, and we have only silence from the liberal Democrats and their lying pals in the liberal press, and I hope President Trump accepts the silence as an apology from the Democrats for the lies they told about his staff and his campaign, because that’s the only apology he’ll ever get from the Democrat scum.

One wonders why the deafening silence after so much noise and so many news conferences held by breathless Democrats who knew that had their prey trapped and up a tree. Could the silence be a result of the Susan Rice revelation in which she illegally made public a surveilled contact with the Trump staff? Or could it be that the Democrat hilarity at President Trump’s statement that his campaign was bugged by the Obama administration has produced corroborating evidence that has shut these fools up? Or it could be that all of the supposed evidence of a collaborative contact with Russia has completely run out of steam and is now flatter than a pancake?

Whatever has shut these chattering fools up, it’s a welcome change from the hourly onslaught of speeches and news releases that we were pummeled with for a couple of weeks there.

Donald Trump is the most interesting public person America has experienced in some time. When he makes statements that seem too outrageous to believe, within a week or two the statements come true. And every time the Democrats claim they have conclusive and incontrovertible proof that the President is culpable in a shady or illegal deal, their evidence always falls on its face and evaporates.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. Wishful thinking by someone carrying water. Folks will be going to jail. What would your opinion be if a democrat was embroiled in this?

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