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The Destructiveness Of Socialism

Following World War II England became very left-leaning in its politics, and the Labor party began nationalizing various industries in order to become more like the economic and humanitarian failures that Russia was, and still is, suffering.

Then, later, the tides turned as Margaret Thatcher became Prime Minister and began privatizing some or all of the industries the leftists had nationalized, in order to make them more productive and to reduce the wastefulness and political influence that necessarily follows from government ownership and its negative influence on citizen’s lives.

In America, when Obama nationalized local police forces (Ferguson and Baltimore are only two examples that come to mind) for his own political reasons, and as Obama nationalized healthcare and took control of General Motors while issuing volumes of executive orders and signing massive numbers of EPA regulations negatively impacting the lives and wealth of Americans, thinking people began to realize the danger of socialism and big-government intrusion into their lives.

Now that we have an adult in the White House with President Trump, a person who respects the limitations on government that the Constitution enumerates, we can appreciate that the flip-flopping and the doing and undoing of the damage done by Socialists like Obama as they take control of industries and the lives of citizens, is very costly and undermines any trust in government that the citizens and investors may have. The British economy suffered greatly as one party nationalized and the next party privatized, and this economic disruption was a great cost to the nation and the population living there. With such political and economic instability generated at the highest levels of the government for any nation, investors don’t know whether or not to invest, entrepreneurs are reluctant to start up new businesses, and existing businesses don’t expand, due to uncertainty.

One can only hope that Americans have learned their lesson after watching England suffer tough times following World War II as its governments changed and made the economic adjustments to fit the party in power, and in this country, following the Obama years of little to no economic growth as the Democrats in government tried to control the business environment and convince industry to do big-government’s will, and one hopes that America will not again elect a leftist who will cause increased unemployment and economic woes.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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