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Latest Organized Anti-Trump Protests to be Cloaked in the Pretense of Climate Change

Now that the dorkfest that was the March for Science is officially over, the poor, put upon, perpetually victimized left is preparing the latest in what has become a weekly series of anti-Trump protests marketed under bogus pretenses.

The garbage and debris left by the science slobs will no sooner have been hosed off of the streets of Washington before the tree-hugging whackos start pouring into town for this coming weekend’s “People’s Climate March” which is almost certainly sponsored by George Soros through his octopus of front groups.

According to left-leaning blog Inside Climate News “Climate Activists Plot How to Turn Anti-Trump Rage Into Anti-Trump Votes”:

Activists planning the People’s Climate March in Washington, D.C. on April 29 are mapping out a far more ambitious trek than that day’s walk from the Capitol to the White House. They are trying to turn rage over the Trump administration’s rollback of climate change policy and budget cuts targeting science into actual political clout.

Tens of thousands of demonstrators organized by 50 groups that represent millions of members plan to demand that political leaders preserve protections for the environment and public health and invest in a clean energy economy. The march will culminate a week of activism that begins with the March for Science on April 22, followed by lobbying visits on Capitol Hill, rallies outside federal agencies and national and local candidate training workshops. There will be more than 250 People’s Climate Marches held across the country and overseas.

According to the official website for the aspiring revolutionaries it would seem that the protests are less about global warming and all about opposition to the legitimately elected POTUS.

They have given themselves the following names and designations:

PROTECTORS OF JUSTICE: The frontlines of crisis are the forefront of change. It takes roots to grow the resistance.

CREATORS OF SANCTUARY: We stand up for every person’s right to live their lives peacefully with their families and communities.

BUILDERS OF DEMOCRACY: We stand with those who are the pillars of our democratic institutions.

GUARDIANS OF THE FUTURE: All ages are united to fight for the lives of future generations.

DEFENDERS OF TRUTH: We defend the facts and promote scientific learning in service of humanity.

RESHAPERS OF POWER: We resist corporate greed. We demand an energy economy powered by and for the people.

MANY STRUGGLES, ONE HOME: Together we will defend all that we love.

Interesting that out of seven organizing principles that only one even remotely could be considered to be about the actual climate issues not to mention that “RISE” and “RESIST” have become the rallying cry of the Hillary dead-enders who will never accept the legitimacy of Trump’s election win.

This latest round of protests as about as phony as it gets and is clearly another Soros operation designed to foment enough discontent to launch one of the color revolutions that his organizations specialize in overseas. One thing is certain and that there will be no shortage of useful idiots, both paid and unpaid who will show up to throw their pathetic tantrums.

Just about every ongoing grievance of the left can be included in the seven commandments. Whining about Hillary losing the election, griping about the sensitive sensibilities of snowflakes, getting the government to provide free stuff and a $15 an hour minimum wage for lazy, unmotivated service industry workers can all be found within this watered down hogwash.

This is just another massive fraud orchestrated by the same people who refuse to get over losing an election and is beginning to cross the line from legitimate protest into outright sedition and are either too dumb or too blind to realize that they are just pawns in a much bigger game.

The feds should initiate a sweeping investigation of who exactly is funding this nonsense.

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Donn Marten

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