Hey Libs, We Told You So…

The radical left demands “comprehensive immigration reform” in order to establish more lenient laws for crossing our international borders.

The left welcomed and celebrated illegals who crossed the border from Mexico because Democrats believe they will turn into voters that support their leftist candidates.  Democrats assert that the new comprehensive laws will halt the flow of illegals. What they actually wanted was the opportunity to change immigration law so as to give more favorable treatment to illegals, and to wrangle a way to make illegals citizens in an expedited manner.

The liberal line is that you’ll never be able to stop illegals from crossing the border with manpower or walls. Jeb Bush even called the welcoming of illegal aliens from south of the border as an act of love.

President Trump has shown that just the threat of a wall on our southern border can stem the illegal flow of humanity. Enforcing existing law is a good way to stop the inflow of invaders.

Democrats are wrong and dishonest on the subject of illegal immigration. President Trump is proving that simply enforcing the law works every time. We’ll hopefully learn that a physical wall works even better.

The blather about “comprehensive immigration reform” is crap. But what else is expected from liberals?

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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