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Democrats Are Cutting Their Own Throats

So hateful and resentful are Democrats of Donald Trump and his November victory over their much-flawed candidate, that instead of establishing policies that are what the American people want and need, and instead of ditching the leftist, racist, anti-American rhetoric of the Obama years, they hype every move President Trump makes as either being bad or being contrary to his campaign promises.

But possibly their largest gamble and their greatest level of noise, is in special elections held to replace Republican House members who were appointed to the Trump administration staff or cabinet following his election.

These “Trump slayer” candidates proclaim that the American people are already fed up with the Trump administration and are ready for some good old lying, anti-American, hateful, Democrat input to the nation’s affairs and governmental activity. Unfortunately for Democrats, President Trump’s approval rating is at fifty percent and rising, the Democrat candidate in Kansas lost to the Republican in last week’s special election, and so far the Georgia Democrat has not been able to win that special election against an enormous field of eleven Republican candidates and must again try to get elected in a run-off election to be held in June.

America is not tired of Trump. He has been keeping his campaign promises, he’s letting the tyrants of the world know that America is back from its eight-year siesta called the Obama administration, and the world is learning that a decisive adult is again making decisions in the White House, and we look forward to more leadership from our president as he continues to kick butt both at home and abroad.

So it’s a pleasure to sit back and watch the Democrats cut their own throats as they moan and complain about the Trump administration, while going down in flames with their leftist, hateful, racist ideas and policies.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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