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Democrats And Republicans Are Speaking Different Languages

Recently Keith Ellison, the new deputy chairman of the Democrat National Committee, said that Barack Obama had not been the best president he could have been. To Republicans this is an enormous understatement because Republicans believe that Obama was about as bad as a president could be and that the things he did to undermine the constitution and the rule of law, on his way to “fundamentally transform America”, will hurt America for years to come

But after reading articles published by The Hill and Mediaite, one discovers that Mr. Ellison was not talking about harm to America and the American public when he criticized Obama, he’s instead referring to the harm Obama did to the Democrat Party, and you can forget all the hand-wringing about old fashioned things like a rule of law and being respectful of the constitution and its limitation of powers.

Mr. Ellison bemoans the fact that Obama ignored Democrat party politics, that he could have been a little better Party leader, that he concentrated too much on his legacy, and Ellison thinks each of these things have caused Democrats to lose state houses, the Senate, the House and various governorships, and finds no room to blame Obama’s abortive Affordable Care Act nor his open borders policy as any reason at all for losing all of the elected positions the Democrats have suffered since Obama became president.

So all Mr. Ellison is concerned about are the selfish, power-related things his party is being deprived of, not the many negative things Obama did that have hurt the nation and caused Americans to have fewer jobs, less money and less personal liberty than prior to Obama. It appears that Mr. Ellison is not aware that the Democrats were thrashed in the last general election because the citizens of America resent the socialist, leftward drift of their nation and the casual way Obama handled national security, the ISIS/terrorist threat and an economy that was floating aimlessly at best. He feels no compassion for American citizens, but is all upset about his precious Democrat Party and its loss of prestige.

Personally I’m glad to learn how selfish and all-consumingly power-hungry the Democrats are, because as long as they concentrate only on the structure of their fool Party, they’ll never swing that radical hate group in a direction that the American people will trust once again and vote back into power.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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