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Yesterday The American Left Took A Triple Blow To The Nose

The values, if they can be called that, of the American left were shaken yesterday in a series of unrelated events that involved all of the problems America is facing, all caused by liberal Democrats: aliens, terrorists and intrusive government.

A short list of the facts involve a pair of alien males from Central America, now residing in Maryland, who horribly raped and beat a young girl in her school, and Democrats can only express a wasted regret that this event took place, but offer no remorse for the lack of enforcement of existing law that could have prevented it. And then to top that off, the Maryland legislature poked a legislative finger in the poor girl’s eye by voting to make Maryland a sanctuary state, which will assure that more such outrageous crimes are committed, and we’ll likely never hear about them due to the hush that the “sanctuary” foolishness creates; what complete idiots.

Then we have the terrorist killings in London, whose root goes back many years in England, and now unfortunately, America, to a liberal policy of being too politically correct and cute, and refusing to pay attention to the welfare of decent British citizens, and allowing a non-assimilated, anti-British minority to thrive and expand to the point that patriotic British citizens are getting killed.

And finally, we have the event that proves the prescience of President Trump, who a week ago said that he had been “wire-tapped” in Trump Tower, a statement that he offered no proof of, and which was roundly laughed at by the lying press and liberal Democrats, which now, in the fullness of time, produces the evidence lacking a week ago, that proves there was an investigation (or was it simply an example of Obama spying on his political opponent?) of the Trump team, and that very likely a felony was committed against General Flynn as an outcome of the illegal surveillance which caused that gentleman to be removed from the Trump team without justification. One hopes a prison cell awaits the person or persons, all of whom will be dedicated, long-time liberal Democrats, I promise you, who committed this dastardly offense.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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